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How to Publish your Life

Loudsmith Media is a creative publishing house which seeks to raise the volume of transformative stories.

You have a story, don't you?

All those blogs, Facebook updates and daily conversations you have with the weird people in your world, if brought together, would make quite an exciting story.

That's not to say your visits to the toilet and your swiffering of the tile are going to jump off the page like Harry Potter, but if you were to daily free write about your thoughts, feelings, decisions, interactions, observations, reactions, motivations and questions, it would not take long to build a story that would impact other people's worlds.

You do not have to be clever.

Clever is overrated.

You just have to grab some paper or laptop, write down the above categories and fill in the spaces below them with a free minded writing session.  Don't worry about spelling or grammar.  Don't worry about eloquence.  Just spew words within these categories every day for one year and then let us take a look at it.

We will add some vampires, forbidden loves and weirdness and turn you into a bestseller.

Or we will consult you on how to take that wild mess and turn it into a "year in the life" memoir.


You are interesting.  You are unique.  You are a story.

Others need to read you!!!