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The ups and downs of Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing (aka Extended Stay) has its ups and downs.  Having recently moved into one myself, planning to stay for two months, I have to say that there are parts of it I love and parts of it I hate.  But since Corporate Housing beauty is in the eye of the renter, I'll tell you what to look for if and when you need a non-apartment solution for a work trip that is going to leave you in a city for more than 30 days.

Cost and design:  Most corporate housing is fairly affordable in the sense that most of the choices are furnished and already have wifi with cable built into the price.  But after trying a few of these homes-away-from home, I gotta say this:  Even if the monthly rent is higher for one really nice extended stay versus a cheaper and less nice extended stay, go with the more expensive one. I found that not only did I have more space to move around in my furnished suite but the entire operation was far more professional.  The cheaper version I tried was shoddy.  The sheets were too short, the remote control had been chewed up by some past guests' dog and the overall feel was claustrophobic.  As well, at the cheaper version there were hardly any staff on site and this led to waiting long periods of time for anything I needed.  Compared to the other Lubbock Corporate Housing and Midland Extended Stay options, which had higher price tags, this one corporate housing space was, in a word, ugly and poorly kept.  At these other sites, the furniture was nice and clean, the breakfast options were good, the staff was very pro, the rooms were designed in a more modern way and I felt safe in those places.

Truth in life:  You usually get what you pay for...And if you don't want to become Jack Nicholson from The Shining, try places like At-Home Corporate Housing or HomeStyle Suites and leave the cheaper versions to scoundrels and scalawags.