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Day 87 – Sunday church stage design

Day 87 – Sunday church stage design

I didn’t make it to my church service yesterday in the afternoon so I got up early enough to get to the early service.  What was cool was that the church architects had moved from 3D animation and architectural renderings to actual design.  Since the church was rolling out the changes in stages, half of the church stage design was completed.  You could tell that there was a lot of people in the congregation noticed it like it was a shiny, new toy.  They walked around on it like it was amazing.  And honestly, it looked exactly how the church architects had projected it would look.  I’m sure that this roll-out gave a lot of confidence to the whole congregation that what had been promised in the entire project would come to pass.  I bet the tithing was higher this Sunday because of that.

I took Melissa with me and we had donuts in the foyer before the service started.  Melissa still had fairly fresh scars on her face from the wreck and I thought she might be insecure about them, but she was just as friendly to the people around her as she had been.  This just showed me that my girl was filled with an internal security that far outdistanced my own.  I was again happy that I had her by my side.  Even when we are not talking about deep things I learn deep things about her by just watching her.  She was not ashamed of her appearance and she was not ashamed of me.  A nice combination.  It was not that she looked that bad.  And though she walked with a pronounced limp she just went with it.  Even cooler was that the people around her didn’t look at her as if she should be ashamed.  They were all very nice and loving – it reminded me of how Christ would love.  It made me glad to be at this church.  Once the sermon about faith was finished, Melissa grabbed my hand and took us to the front of the church where we could be prayed for – she told the person who would be praying for us that we were going to be the first ones married in the new chapel when it was completed and that we really needed prayer to develop a stronger relationship around God.  We got prayed for and it was a nice time.  But it did show me that I needed to be more of a spiritual leader in this relationship.  While I love Melissa’s heart, I want to be the sort of guy who doesn’t shy away from leading his wife toward a deeper relationship with the Lord.

We had lunch at a place that also specializes in Lubbock catering– it was good.  We talked about maybe hosting a Bible study at our Lubbock Corporate Housing space.  We have had parties, so why not send out invitations for people who want to grow closer to God.  We both agreed that it would be a fun exercise.  It also made me think of how I needed to get my butt into gear as far as studying the Bible so I can be the facilitator for such a group.  Meditating on your own is great but when you are the teacher and leader of others you better dig in and learn to prep for others’ growth.

Okay, that was a good Sunday – Thanks for reading.