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Day 88 – Monday invites

Day 88 – Monday invites

So, Melissa was so excited about the Bible Study idea that we made a flyer and about 100 copies of it inviting people to a study of the book of Ecclesiastes – She was going to pass them out at work and to the people who lived at our Lubbock corporate housing space –


Ecclesiastes?  Why not begin with the meaninglessness of life and the existentialism of this life we have?  Always a crowd pleaser…  I told her that if we had all 100 people come, we wouldn’t have enough space.  She said that I just needed to trust God and so I shook my head.  She was right again.  This Bible study will begin in two weeks on Monday nights and will just cover the themes in Ecclesiastes.  Maybe I will tell you about it each Monday or maybe I won’t.  It depends on how it goes.  I’ll say this about Ecclesiastes – it doesn’t play around.  It gives it to you straight with a right jab and then an uppercut.  It smacks the American culture around and makes you really look at the life you are leading.  It also tells you what not to pursue because of its uselessness.  I’m actually excited about this one.  I’ll make the lessons in Ecclesiastes my meditations for a while until it all sinks in.  The author of this book was given God’s full wisdom and yet he basically blew up his own life with all sorts of foolish actions.  It makes me think that no matter how wise you are, you can still act stupid.


But, I’m getting ahead of myself – I had a workday today that was fruitful.  I hit all my contacts to check in and give some reports that were important.  “Lubbock homes for sale” is a phrase that the realty company identified as very important to their online success and I was able to show them how well it was moving up the charts.  They are at a solid number three and I think they will have the top spot in no time.  “Best colleges in Texas” is the main phrase that Western Texas College wants to move up – what college wouldn’t want to be seen on the first page for those words – it would certainly catch my eye as a prospective student searching out Texas colleges.  I have it moving up too and they are happy.  Same for my Pre K Lubbock group and my Lubbock lawn care crew.  I’ll let you know about the other guys later.


A question for those of you who have are using your valuable time to read about my life:  How physical is too physical for a Christian couple as they await their marriage date?  I have to admit that I didn’t think it would be a problem to wait to cross physical boundaries and to become intimate with Melissa because we are both taking our spiritual lives so seriously, but I was wrong.  Every time we are together and alone it has become harder and harder to just kiss.  We have to basically take cold showers (alone of course) to keep our relationship relatively pure.  So, what do you think?  Any advice out there for a couple that is getting married and is waiting for marriage to have sex?  What is too far?  What should we do to keep ourselves from crossing any lines?  Any words of help would be much…Thanks in advance.