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Day 91 – Thursday Thoughts

Day 91 – Thursday Thoughts

Pool was good – they added some extra chlorine so my eyes were blood red when I got finished.  I like to keep my eyes open in my pool time and so I guess it’s my fault.  Still, this red-eyed look most likely impressed the clients I met with today – I did get a double take from the President of my Lubbock homes for sale contact – He asked me if I had pink eye and I told him no.  When I said it was from pool chlorine, he went ahead and offered his hand for a handshake.  Smart to check – You don’t become the President of anything being cavalier with anything (except maybe the President of the United States). 

I started my day meeting up with my Lubbock corporate housing manager who assured me that they were happy with how our company was handling their marketing and SEO – they renewed for a six-month period again.  But I did get bad news from my Texas colleges point person.  This would be their last month using us as their marketing front due to a serious budget deficit.  This was shocking to me and it even saddened me because I had built such a good rapport with them over the year.  I guess clients cannot stick around forever – nor should they.  There does come a point when I have done all I can to get them to the best analytical place in the rankings.  I just wanted another month with them so we could finish super strong.

You lose some but then you win some right back – It turns out that ten minutes after getting that news of the client quitting, I got a call from a new restaurant that wanted our company to take over their Lubbock catering marketing.  They had been referred by the other restaurant I am working for in Lubbock.  They signed up for a one-year contract and so my company was happy to hear it.

Oh, I forgot to mention my sleep since this is part journal/part sleep study– I had another night like yesterday evening even after taking some knock-you out pills.  I just rolled around until 4 a.m. and my brain finally shut it down for the early morning.  I also had more strange dreams that I was part of a drug abusing club of people who got stoned all the time on various elements.  They kept trying to get me to take Heroin, but I told them no.  You see, I have conviction in my dreams…

Melissa had to work the late shift so she slept most of the day to get ready for the onslaught of hospital work.  Even though she had the wreck, she said she was ready to get back to work.  She is definitely tougher than me.  Her traveling nurse friends always said that Melissa was a truly compassionate and dedicated nurse and that the patients always loved having her work with them.  So, even though her colleagues pick on her (because they are much lazier than she is), she continues to rock it.  I’m happy she will be my wife sometime soon.

 I hope she will be glad I am her husband…