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Day 93.5 – Saturday Church and church architects

Day 93.5 – Saturday Church and church architects

Before I get into everything else with church and my church architects,  I want to start reviewing this day by saying I almost caused a complete technological disaster for myself and my neighbor.  At a table in the coffeehouse at church (I got there early) I let my hands go flying around as if nothing was near them and I knocked a very hot cup of coffee an inch away from my computer keyboard and about three feet from my partner in caffeination.  Hot coffee spillage sucks the most because you want to grab it as soon as you realize it is going to be a huge mess, but it is so freaking hot that if you do grab it, you are going to first burn yourself, shriek to the heavens as a result, scare everyone around you as you shriek and still the coffee will go down.  Anyway, this was worse than a normal coffee spill because the coffee threatened to land on top of my keyboard and splash onto the keyboard of the person next to me.  It’s one horrible thing to screw up your own laptop and quite another to screw up someone else’s.  Thankfully, I didn’t reach for the coffee this time.  This time I swung my body in between my table and my neighbor’s table while simultaneously lifting my computer up in the air so that no liquid could slip into the inner workings of my laptop.  There is a lot of important material on my computer and so I was relieved to only have coffee on my shirt.  So, besides looking a mess and feeling like a moron for spilling my coffee, everything turned out okay.  I say all of this to remind my readers to be super careful with computers and nearby coffee.  Sometimes we all need a reminder to be careful. 

I called Melissa and asked her to use the key I gave her to grab me another shirt to go with my khakis (she hadn’t left the corporate housing space yet).  I explained the story and she was happy to help me clean up a bit.  When she got to church I changed and all was right with the world.  When we got into the sanctuary, we found our seats and talked about our upcoming premarital counseling sessions.  I could tell she was nervous about it because she said she hoped that the guy wouldn’t be too hard on us because we had only known each other for a few months.  I assured her that if he focused on that as a reason we should back off of each other we would just find another person to counsel us.  But her fear really got me to thinking about that whole issue again.

Does it matter that we have only known each other for a little over two months?  Will this come back to bite us and leave us frustrated that we didn’t take it seriously enough?  I think if we didn’t have almost a year to go before we actually got married this would be a bigger deal.  As long as we have given our relationship a chance to grow for a total of a year (pre-sending out invitations), we can always back out and end up as just friends.  What do you think?  Do you believe in our sort of love and marriage or do you think we are making huge mistakes?

Church service was good – there was a new presentation of the next stage of church design that was to follow the church stage design.  Ah, the wonders of 3D animation…I also saw the head of Pre-K in Lubbock (a friend) and even recognized someone from my corporate housing space.  It's cool to see people you don't expect.  I made sure to go over and greet them and introduce them to Melissa.  Great day at church...