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Day 96 – Tuesday tripping back

Day 96 – Tuesday tripping back

The last day of our trip was great (I, of course, took two official vacation days from my company – Lubbock corporate housing and the restaurants who do catering in Lubbock could give me a couple of days away – their analytics were working without me anyway.)  Melissa and I ate at an amazing local spot called Café Rio that served the best thin crust pizza I have ever had.  Melissa had done great pre-trip research.  Every meal we ate was fantastic and I could really tell that Melissa was excited about having chosen the perfect places for us – We had some buttermilk pie that was delicious – best pie I’ve ever had.  Now I’m second guessing my decision to buy my house from the collection of homes for sale in Lubbock – maybe I should have bought a really cool cabin here in Ruidoso.  Actually, I only had buyer’s remorse for a moment, because I hate the cold weather and I know that Ruidoso snows a bunch.  Me and icy roads do not get along well – I don’t want to fly off of a cliff and there are no cliffs in Lubbock – just overpasses.  I will say that Ruidoso will be a definite vacation spot for us since it is only four hours away from Lubbock – we agreed that we will be hitting it every long weekend.  I need some good poker (I won a thousand bucks by the way) and she needs a good peaceful place to let go.  As well, when we are married we can let go of our PDA rules and enjoy each other fully – probably TMI there, huh? – You probably don’t want to picture me naked.  I sometimes shudder at my own nakedness.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I was able to keep up my swimming routine on the trip – both the pool (perfectly warm) and the hot tub (perfectly hot with a sweet fountain) were indoor and allowed for Melissa and me to play around in there.  I love indoor pools and indoor hot tubs – just in case you ever book a trip for me in the future, you can make sure I have those amenities.  As well, Melissa gave both slots and roulette a chance – she really liked both but she hated to lose her money so fast.  (I don’t know how you other Christians view our mini-gambling – is it a sin?  I don’t think so if it is done as a game to be played rather than as a compulsion that kills – but I’m open to your ideas – feel free to comment.)

On the way home from Ruidoso, Melissa and I finished listening to that book on cd and had some deep talks about how we both want to be loved – how we both feel loved – how we can be a team of encouragement that makes a difference in this world.  Married people don’t have to just make it through a grind – married people can be really used by God in so many ways.  We both look forward to seeing how that plays out in our lives.  Anyway, God was great to us on the trip and we showed respect to one another and Him.  We didn’t push back on our boundaries and we prayed together a lot – much of it in silence as we listened for God to teach us through this new view of creation.  I was kind of dreading getting back to the real world after being able to see God so clearly in this space.  But, life must go on and I must look for God more carefully in Lubbock. 

Meditation:  God’s nature can display His power and His nature – no doubt…