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Day 97 – Wednesday bumps

Day 97 – Wednesday bumps

Well, we made it back from our amazing trip to Ruidoso and landed back at our corporate housing spaces much better than when we left it.  Even though Ruidoso was exceptionally fun, there is always something nice about returning to the familiar.  My pool, my bed, my bathroom – all of it was nice to see.  This short-term furnished apartment/suite has me happy to be in Lubbock.  The unknown is fun for a while but the known is best for me. 

 Anyway, we both hit the ground running.  I got back to my Lubbock catering account because I noticed some odd downward movements with it.  I know it was nothing I did or didn’t do, but I don’t want there to be any further slippage.  I need to dive deeper into the backend of their website to see if I can add some tags that will bolster this realty company’s exposure.  I don’t want to get the reputation as a slacker.  Another bit of bad news that I received in the middle of the afternoon came by way of a call from my Texas college folks – They said that they were going to have to stop their account with our company because of a large budget deficit that they were not expecting.  I was saddened by this news because I really liked working for this group of leaders – I was also quite shocked that they were down in their enrollment – all of their analytics showed that they were being seen by 13,000 people per month – most of them first time visitors.  This usually leads to a huge uptick in clients and customers (in this case, students), but I guess that strong exposure doesn’t always translate to conversion.  I told them that I was bummed that our work was not helping them to bring in more new students.  But, they insisted that it was not our fault.  They said that there were some recruiting issues that probably negated our work for them.  Nice to hear that it was not me who had caused the issue.  Still, it’s never fun to call my company heads and tell them the bad news.

Melissa was scheduled for a day and a half shift – she went in at noon and would not get off until the next morning.  I don’t know how she does it.  The job is hard enough on a normal shift much less a 1.5 day shift.  She is a superstar.  I do love her and I notice that I really respect her too.  She rarely complains and doesn’t let the work bullies win the day.

Meditation:  This one was all about how Jeremiah spoke the unwanted truth to the nation of Israel and as a result was arrested and thrown down into a cistern or a dry well where he couldn’t get free.  This got me to thinking that when God wants something done through one of His servants, it will not always be easy to complete the task.  Sometimes it hurts to serve God.  I haven’t really faced much opposition because I haven’t been called to go and speak against the nation of America.  I cannot say that I am sad that I have been mostly loved by my culture.  Maybe God will change my course after we begin that Bible study…