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Day 98 – Thursday Turns

Day 98 – Thursday Turns

Back at my Corporate Housing space for a late morning swim – I am sort of tired out from doing the drive yesterday – add to that the excitement of growing closer to Melissa while getting lost in the creation that God made so special.  Melissa is dead asleep from her work and I decided to get a late start today.  Instead of 8:30, I went out to meet clients at 10.00.  But I made it up to the company by working late.  I’m so responsible, huh?  I got a call from my short term furnished apartments client and they told me that they wanted to double their budget with my company so that they could see faster results.  I put them in touch with my home office to work out the details and then I set out to pump them up.  This is such an up and down business that you have to learn to ride the waves when they come.  I’m a surfer in business.  Sometimes I get knocked off my board, but most of the time I can hold my balance.

I went by to sign some papers to settle up on my home and also to check to see if my realty clients are happy with the upward swing of their “Lubbock homes for sale” keywords.  They were very happy with the movement and told me that they could already see how the web exposure was bringing in new business.  I assured them that I would continue to focus in on their business growth and we shook on it and let it go.  I also called my company and its Human Resources Division to go ahead and put in my request to remain in Lubbock on a more permanent basis.  They seemed to think it was a good idea if I kept picking up new clients in this area.  They had been talking about setting up a new office for West Texas and I think they were just waiting for someone like me to express a desire to be the head of it.  It’s not yet set in stone, but I let them know I had already purchased a house and would love to move into it in a year or so.  They took it under consideration and would let me know sometime in the future weeks if they agreed to my request.

It’s strange that I also thought that if they didn’t approve this measure I would quit my job with them and try to find one locally that would allow me to stay.  I have always been a company man but sometimes life requires you to make relationships and personal happiness be the priorities that guide your life – my life.  A job and the money that comes with it should never be the chief determinate in decision-making.  I have to remember that.

Speaking of that, my meditation led me back to the place where I need to be seeking God’s Kingdom first – I should be moving around in the Spirit and not based on my own preferences.  I asked God to show me if I was right in seeking to live in Lubbock and I felt that He confirmed it.  Still I need to continue to seek in the big and the little things.  Who wants to be apart from God’s will?  That’s just asking for trouble.  After all the Word says that “apart from God you can do nothing meaningful.”

So there we have it – many big turns on the day make it that much more interesting.