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Day 106 – Friday flip-flops

Day 106 – Friday flip-flops

 Whenever I hear the term flip-flops I usually think about both casual footwear and politicians.  Since this is the political season and our country will be voting for a new President, I mainly think of throwing my flip-flops at the heads of flip-flopping candidates.  And if I have extra flip-flops, I might toss them at the biased talking heads that make it their jobs to educate the noodle-headed public on who they should vote for – I think the whole business is based on a flawed system and since I studied Political Philosophy in college, I am right.  Right?  Two parties trying to send the lesser of ten evils to run for a position as a small part of a weak Executive Branch.  I would not want the job for sure.  I bet it has its perks but I always see those leaving office looking 30 years older than they did when they began.  As well, the job is super hard and you hardly get any credit.  Not for me – But if I did run I would promise to raise the national debt to 25 trillion dollars and I’d legalize casinos in every state – maybe even legalize marijuana for the sick everywhere.  Problem is that you have to be mega rich to even set up a campaign and run.  So, no matter what the winner is going to be a wealthy person and that is a problem for us in the middle class.  What do you think about it all?  Fox News or CNN?

Beyond those national issues, I got back to my short term furnished apartments clients and my Lubbock catering folks.  After I dropped by their offices and discussed the new strategies I would be using on their behalf, I went by my new house in Tech Terrace and called on a management company to run it as a rental for one year.  I told them that I wanted $1,500 per month as the rent and that I preferred either young professionals in the medical or legal systems or grad students that were studying interior design, engineering, or architecture.  I am quite picky about who will rent my home since Melissa and I will be living there after twelve months.  I don’t want anyone who might party every night and make our house a mess.  The management company agreed to handle everything for the next year and I felt better about it all.

Meditation:  I read about how King Nebuchadnezzar turned his wicked life around and started worshipping God after years of being humbled by God.  (He had to live like a wild animal for a long time before regaining his sanity and taking over as King again.)  I thought of what Nebuchadnezzar’s old self was like – how he was the ruler who threw people into fiery furnaces and such.  It made me think of how God can change anyone and how God wants all people to humble themselves and become wholehearted followers.  It also took me back to thoughts about the American election and made me realize that neither of the two candidates will be as bad as Nebuchadnezzar was – no fiery furnaces in the U.S.  So, I think we can all stop griping about our options, right?

You tell me…I’m open to your comments.