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Day 122 – Saturday Shanks

Day 122 – Saturday Shanks

This was a strange day because I woke up early in my short-term furnished apartment just dying to go play some golf.  I don’t know if it was due to listening to the company execs who do Lubbock lawn care talk about trying to do work for a local golf course yesterday or what.  But I think I even dreamed about being on a golf course last night.  I don’t do what my dreams tell me to do very often (that would be dangerous).  But, in this case I felt like golf might be the perfect start to a beautiful fall weekend day.  So, after my swim, I called and got a tee time for 10 a.m.  Since I was a single player, I was added to a group of three strangers who would have to deal with my severe shanks and wicked hooks.  I felt sorry for the three guys who had to watch me hit every tree and land in whatever bit of water that exists on the course.  I have old clubs and I kept trying to make them my excuse, but we all knew that I would break 150 on the front nine even if I had top-of-the-line sticks.  Good thing that some Lubbock landscapers are interested in improving the look of the course because I just destroyed a lot of it.  I made one 40 foot putt though and that made me happy enough to not throw my clubs away on the way to the car.  I’m glad I didn’t take Melissa along – I probably would have fired a ball right into her leg or something. 

Anyway, I worked up a decent sweat and had to go take my second shower of the day – when I got out I found a love note slipped under my door.  Melissa is always so romantic.  She knows how to make me feel like a winner even after being such a loser on the course.  In the note she just reminded me that she adored me and that she looked forward to spending time with me in the evening after we hit late afternoon church.  I’m so blessed to have her in my life.  Now that she is an integral piece of my existence I don’t know how I ever did without her.  Such a combination of beauty and kindness…

Church service was great – the pastor started a series on the life of Joseph and it was fantastic.  He compared Joseph’s unanswered cries for help to the miraculous answer God gave to Elijah when he cried out.  He showed that Joseph’s terrible predicament was necessary for the salvation of a lot of people later.  If God had answered his cries at that earlier time, there would not have been any salvation for the people of Israel.  I used this as my meditation for the day.  It helped me realize that some of my most painful times are going to be worked out for good – for me and for those around me.  I don’t know God’s plans or His ways.  So I just need to trust more and trust always.

Other than this, my time with Melissa during and after church was great as always.  I can feel that we are getting more and more emotionally and spiritually intimate as each day passes.

 That’s all for today.