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Day 126 – Wednesday Waste

Day 126 – Wednesday Waste

I think the pool at my short-term furnished housing spot has finally gotten too cold for me to use it – the temperatures climb into the 70’s still but the water seems to hold the coolness of the night and I’m not as bold as I was before.  I think I’ll let the management know that I am going to begrudgingly move my body into the workout room.  As I have said before I’m not keen on elliptical machines and treadmills, but if I am to keep myself in some sort of shape (especially as a wedding approaches in the next year) I have to do what I despise to remain the svelte human that I am.  What is too cold for you when it comes to swimming pools?  Am I being a wimp?  You probably think I am weird for hating indoor machines, but I cannot seem to make myself enjoy them.  Even with television sets hanging right in front of me to distract me from the movements I make I get frustrated.  As well, I will have the ability to put my phone to use to push my favorite music into my ears, but that will more than likely be but a small help.  Maybe I should start going to a gym that has an indoor pool that will allow me to continue my swimming habit but I am an animal of convenience who values being able to go right down to the pool in the morning without having to drive somewhere.  I guess I will have to weigh convenience against boring machines.  What a dilemma – I say that with sarcasm because I know it’s silly to spend time considering what I am going to do about my workouts.  I think there are about ten million other more important issues I should be worried about.  Sometimes I amaze myself when I realize the sad shallows of my inner world.

To offset that first paragraph, I will move to the deepest of matters – my daily biblical meditation.  I have been reading Galatians and finding myself moved by Chapter 5, which details the difference between the ways of the world and the ways of the Holy Spirit.  When I look over the list of fruits that come from the Spirit, I find myself checking to see if these things are being manifested in and through me.  I have to be honest and say that I must not be allowing the Spirit to have enough room inside of me.  My lack of kindness and self-control are the absent fruits I am especially convicted with – What kind of person has all of these fruits moving correctly?  What do I need to do to clear room for the Spirit to do His thing in fullness?  Comments and advice from you saintly persons are most welcome – I am unsure how to get out of God’s way.

This whole Holy Spirit thing makes me think of a bulletin board I always see when I go visit my Christian school clients (Lubbock Pre-K – 12th grade).  On the board, they have stapled a tree with all of these fruits hanging from it.  And it’s funny that the low hanging fruits are the ones I don’t have trouble grasping (or so I think).  But self-control and kindness happen to be at the top of the tree.  I need a ladder of some kind to get there…

Melissa is good – She is tired from her hospital work but her injury from the wreck is pretty much completely healed.  Even when she is tired she treats me so well – she listens like she really cares.  She is quick to listen.  I need to get better at that too.