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Day 128 – Friday is always good

Day 128 – Friday is always good

My battle with the treadmill in the corporate housing workout room continued today.  I decided to humble myself and stick with the fast walking speed of 4.0.  I knew I was not ready for anything more than twenty minutes at that number.  My shins get all sore feeling if I push harder and I feel like a failure if I chase my pride.  This will be a slow fight to overcome the ever-moving machine but I am in for the long haul.  I may not beat this machine into submission, but I am going to make it make me stronger and faster – do a Daft Punk on my body. 

My work was easy today because I had already reported good news to all of my clients yesterday.  With all of my extra time, I wrote good, keyword-rich content for several of them – I hadn’t done much content for my Lubbock catering or my Midland corporate housing clients, so I took myself to a Starbucks, threw on my headphones and considered what sort of content these businesses needed to get them climbing ever higher.  I think that this daily blog makes it easier to write inbound content for the businesses I represent.  I’ve found that if I let myself stop writing for any lengthy period of time, I get incredibly rusty – so much so that I can hardly pump out a few sentences.  Good inbound content requires at least 400 – 500 words to get counted by Google (that’s the prevailing theory).  So, I’m glad that I keep my brain and typing hands moving on a daily basis to stay well-oiled as an effective writer.

Melissa and I are doing very well.  We talked about the whole kids issue and determined that we would give ourselves a solid three to five years of being by ourselves – building our own relationship apart from having children who would shift our focus completely.  We also talked about the reality that we might not even be able to have kids of our own.  Not every couple can and if we can’t then we have settled on going through an adoption or two so we can love on kids who are already on the earth needing people to take them in.  We even decided that we might adopt even if we were able to have kids.  Melissa has a big heart for orphans and she is making me into someone who cares a lot as well.  It’s nice to embrace a new viewpoint especially when we make the decisions together.  Neither of us has yet to demand or insist on decision-making duties.  I don’t know how this could change as time goes on, but I think we have figured out ways to keep from fighting over decisions that affect the both of us equally. 

Meditation:  God through the prophet Jeremiah is quite a partnership.  I took time to read about the peoples’ refusal to stop chasing idols and allies today and I was shown how easy it is to lose trust in God – to fall into love with other false gods because they are easily seen.  Jeremiah warns them and warns them and tells them to settle down as the Babylonians took over – but the people just kept fighting him.  They even tried to kill him by throwing him into a cistern filled with mud.  It was unsuccessful because a certain guy made sure to retrieve him.  I think of Jeremiah’s firm responses to these enemies of his and I wonder if I could keep up the fight in front of all of the opposition.  I tend to shrink under people’s harsh opinions, but I hope that if God called me to do or say different things, I would be empowered to stand firm.

Anyway, it was a good Friday – I look forward to the weekend.