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Day 129 – Saturday Night Fever

Day 129 – Saturday Night Fever

I don’t have the swagger of John Travolta or the falsetto of the Bee Gees, but I woke up this morning in my corporate housing suite feeling emboldened to strut – Do you ever have those days when you feel great for no reason?  Have you ever awakened to those sorts of feelings?  I loved it – it didn’t even bother me that I had to walk the treadmill – I worked that thing today instead of it working me.  I even pointed at it as fiercely as Beyonce might and told it that I was boss.  I’m glad no one else was in the workout room.  They might have been embarrassed for me.  But I wouldn’t have cared today.  I even did some work this early afternoon to help another  friend who does Lubbock lawn care.  He is not my official client but I figured that since he is just getting started I might as well use my good mood to aid someone who is working so hard to get it going.  I might as well do some good while having this sort of positive energy.

Melissa was working last night but she slept all morning and early afternoon and still got up to go to church with me and even church was better than usual.  Not to say that it’s not always good, but today while standing there hand in hand with my beautiful and cool fiancée as the worship team sang out some contemporary versions of a few of my favorite hymns, it was just extra good.  As well, the pastor has been on a roll while talking about Joseph.  Man oh man, Joseph had a hard life but it was a life that needed to be lived so that amazing salvation and prosperity could be had by multitudes.  I don’t know how I would have handled the desperation and the difficulty.  During the struggle, I would not have been able to be patient and trusting that God’s good was coming at some point.  I know a guy who loves God so much and who even used to be a pastor for 15 years.  He was a light to many and yet for six years now he has been afflicted by clinical depression and anxiety to the point that not only could he not do pastoral work anymore, but he can barely leave his house without having panic attacks.  What does God have in store for my friend?  Will there be a time that God comes through and restores my buddy?  Will there be a Joseph-like ending that brings restoration and even prosperity?  Will there be a healing?  I have to be honest – I don’t want to have anything difficult to happen to me – at least not as difficult as happened to Joseph.  What does that say about me?  Am I not willing to let the will of God be played out in and through me?  Am I limiting God’s movement by resisting a long-play difficulty?

Tough questions for me – I talked with Melissa about the message and she kept it simple.  She just said that no matter what we go through we have to dig into and press into hope.  She said that despair is our enemy and it must be avoided at all costs.  I asked her if she thought she could maintain hope in a situation like Joseph’s situation and she said that she would have to take it one day at a time – maybe even one hour at a time.  Hope.  I hope I can hope..

Well, so it was an energized day and a deep thinking day.  I like these sorts of days.  I want more of them.