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Day 132 – Tuesday prayers

Day 132 – Tuesday prayers

 I forgot to mention yesterday that I bought an audio Bible that is dramatically read by famous actors who I guess are Christians.  The cool thing about this Bible is that it covers the whole of the text, but it doesn’t start at Genesis and run straight through Revelation.  When there are chapters, which point to other chapters either historically or topically, the readers jump around to make these matches.  It also takes the long lists of names in several places of the Bible and just gives scriptural references to encourage the listener to read those parts on their own rather than boring the heck out of others – in other words, they don’t read those parts and for that I am thankful.  If I am in the mood for lists of names at some point I can go read them.  Now this does not mean they skip all lists – they cover the genealogical lines that lead to Jesus and the mighty men of David.  But they don’t cover much else as far as lists are concerned.  How did I find out about this audio Bible?  Well my clients at the Christian school (Pre-K Lubbock – 12th grade) found out about my desire for one (because I mentioned it once) and they gave me a gift certificate to buy one – my clients are just so cool.  They not only care about their own students’ growth but about their SEO and marketing guy’s growth.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I have decided to listen to these CDs during my battle sessions with my corporate housing treadmill.  I figure if I cannot beat this mini-Goliath down on my own, I can possibly have a change of heart and mind while trudging away to God’s word.  Today the readings were a mix of Genesis, Isaiah, the Psalms and Matthew.  And I have to admit that these readings that do allow for times of purposeful silence in between key verses (I guess so we can think and process rather than just plow through the Word) are giving me depth and needed distraction from hating my fast walking.  The amazing runner was not there today and so I didn’t have to carry the load of insecurity too.  It was actually the first day I have not hated this part of my day.

What else? 

Work:  I’m still handling the church architects who are about to finish their pitch to my church and start with the next phases of the additions.  I’m also working with a car dealership (new client), the realty company, the Lubbock landscaping company, the Christian school and another Texas college – oh yeah and of course my corporate housing group.  There are others but these are representative of the whole – or at least I don’t want to keep listing them.  Still, I am happy with all of them and they seem to be happy with me.

Melissa:  She got a cool nose piercing that I didn’t expect.  She usually doesn’t do such surprising things, or at least I’ve never seen her do such unexpected things.  I told her that I really liked it, but I asked her if she didn’t want to tell me beforehand because she thought I might not approve.  She admitted that she felt like a bit of a rebel by doing it without telling me first but she assured me that she wasn’t going to withhold any future things from me (like a full face tattoo).  I told her that I am not her father and thus I don’t have to be asked permission.  She can change whatever she wants – hair color, etc – without asking me.  I kind of liked the fact that she went for this minor rebellion because it also allows me to do similar things without begging for her approval.  I think good relationships leave room for the individuals within it to do individual things without worrying about what the other thinks.  I don’t want her to ever feel trapped in my trap and I don’t want to be controlled either.

 So, the nose ring looks good as does our relationship.