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Day 142 – Friday is just Friday

Day 142 – Friday is just Friday

After waking, listening to my Bible, surviving the treadmill and writing a quick love note to leave at Melissa’s door (actually pushed it under her door), I began my workday with a stop by at my corporate housing office.  They are good clients of mine.  Anyway, they asked me to expand my keyword work for them to include the phrase short term furnished apartment (which I was actually already using on occasion) and I agreed.  I didn’t fuss that I was already doing what they were asking me.  No need to ruffle feathers – just do it as Nike tells me to do. 

From working at my home base, I headed out to make an on-site visit to my first Christian School client (“Pre-K Lubbock” – 12th grade).  I always enjoy meeting with the leadership there because they are so genuine and kind.  I’m happy that I could report significant gains to them because I really work hard to advance their enrollment via optimization.  There was a moment when I thought they were going to take the reported success as reason to let me go – sometimes that happens – clients see marked progress and “fire” me because they are satisfied.  But this wasn’t the case today.  They lauded my efforts and even encouraged me personally.  They asked me about my marital preps and gave me some good Christian advice about it all.  They are funny and sweet people.  All of my clients are but this private school takes the gold medal for being the perfect mix of caring and concern.  I think I make more on-site visits to them than anyone.  They always make me feel better going out than coming in.  I so respect their consistency in their practicing what the Bible says.  I am challenged by it for sure.

Speaking of being challenged, my meditation in Job was certainly that…I am struck with the fact that this book features the most direct communication between God and one of His creatures.  I know God spoke a lot to Moses and I’m sure I am a bit off in my previous claim, but God gives Job a good tongue-lashing.  He has heard that Job wants to hear from Him in a sort of court of law – Job has asked God to defend His actions and that is just what He does.  Job is quickly moved to throw his hand over his mouth as he realizes that God can do what He wants and allow what He wants at anytime to anyone – no matter how righteous they are.  I think about how I communicate with God and I think of all the times I come to Him with petty frustrations – asking Him to fix all my broken pieces – asking Him why He made this or that happen to me.  What right do I have coming to my God and possessing such presumptive words?  Who the heck am I to challenge this God of Job?  It startles me that I have such nerve.

 Anyway, things with me and Melissa are going great as usual and that’s all I have for today.  Thanks for putting up with my daily word jumps.  I feel a bit random but that’s how life feels much of the time.  Comment if you would like.  Be well.