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Feng Shuing

Week Eight

Prayer with my Lubbock landscaping friend Josh was solid once again.  Liz, the Lubbock catering guru, also made her third appearance and she said that she had been praying for us.  I had to admit that I forgot to pray very much for their businesses.  I promised to do better this next week.  Both of them gave me grace and kind slack and we got into some really good sharing time.  It seems that both of them are having some optimization issues with their website and they asked me if I had ever used a company to optimize my business.  I told them that I used a firm called DreamTaxi who did a fantastic job for a reasonable price.  They both took the company’s number down and committed to call them.  After all, why have a website that isn’t exposing a business to the public?  If you are going to have a web presence (which I think everyone should) you should make it as good and relevant as possible.  Anyway – to the group itself.

The group speaker today was from a larger corporation and she spoke about using Feng Shui inside of your offices to make employees and customers feel balanced and good.  The lady who did the talk was quite eloquent in her presentation, but it just didn’t apply to me since I have very little “office” time.  I do have an administrative assistant that keeps the books, sets appointments and sends out invoices, but I don’t think that he is feeling imbalanced.  He doesn’t need Feng Shui at the office – at least that is my assumption.  Maybe I should ask him if he needs it.  Anyway, the discussion was mainly led by those with larger office spaces and they questioned the actual effectiveness of using this design style.  I thought the woman speaker handled the tough questions very well and she even made the case for people using Feng Shui in their homes.  I ended up going over to her after the meeting was over and asking her to show me how she would re-arrange my living room so that I could try this new idea out.  She was happy to help and so she took a drawing I had made of the stuff in my living area (I had doodled this out while losing interest in the meeting – bad student – shame, shame) and she showed me how to move things around to achieve this balance.  I told her that I would try it out when I got home and see if the family noticed more than just furniture relocation.  Maybe this will make my kids obey better.  Maybe it will make me a better dad as I watch my television shows.

 What do you think about the concept of Feng Shui?  Have you ever put it to use in your work offices?  If so, what was the result?  Have you ever re-arranged your home furnishings to fit this sort of model?  I think that a lot of us salt of the earth Texans doubted that this would work, but several of us said we would try it.  I’m interested in what you think so hit me back with some comments.

 Thanks – until next week…