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Accounting Basics

Week Eleven

Well, we have been doing this business group for ten weeks and I am amazed at how much it has grown.  Word of mouth and invitations have brought in some really big fish to our group.  This is just great because with every added member from all kinds of industries, we all get more perspectives on all sorts of things.  Even though some of these new members are not the main speakers, their comments and questions are really opening up my eyes to new ways to do better business.  Couple that with the prayer group with Josh, the Lubbock lawn care expert and Liz, the Lubbock catering guru and each week I am growing in my understanding of how God works in the marketplace and how a gathering of experienced business people can help one another flourish.  We have even gotten several people from the same industry and it’s cool to hear them give advice to their “competitors.”  Nobody holds back information so they can be the only ones who do better.  Everyone here seems to work for the benefit of all.  It feels good to be a part of a group like this – I will admit that it is surprising to be amongst such generous people.

Pre-meeting prayer was good this week.  We focused our attention and surrender on specific people in our workplaces that are having hard times with one thing or another.  We all have hope that we are given wisdom as to how to handle these struggling workers and we also hope that God moves in powerful ways on their behalf. 

As for today’s teaching, a businesswoman talked about how important it is to have someone who is extremely organized handling the paychecks and the books of the company.  She said that she once had hired a cheap option who was not very organized and at tax time there was a significant mess that cost the company a lot of money.  She said that since that troubled year she had hired a large company to do everything for her business.   She said that even though doing this option is more expensive, it has actually saved their company the headaches they had before. 

During the discussion time, several other business leaders admitted that they too tried to go the cheap route with book keepers who weren’t professional enough and they agreed wholeheartedly with the speaker that it’s definitely best to bring in a larger group to handle everything from paychecks to end of the year taxes.  I needed to hear this because I leave a lot of this stuff for my wife to handle.  I am going to take this burden away from her and put it on the shoulders of well-trained workers who will do a proper job of organizing my finances.

 Anybody else out there have any horror stories regarding this?  I’d love to hear how you handled it and what you did after it was all said and done.