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Business Incentives

Business Incentives - Week 16

 I missed our early prayer time this morning because I accidentally/on purpose hit the snooze on my alarm clock four times instead of the usual two.  When I got there, my Lubbock lawn care buddy and my Lubbock catering friend stared at me disapprovingly.  They had been praying for me because they thought I was sick or dead – for why else would I miss our weekly time together.  They weren’t actually mad – they just messed with me about missing.  I won back their love by telling them that I had been praying for both of them daily.  They did catch me up on their prayer needs before the big meeting started – Liz wanted us to cover her for the employee evaluations she was about to have with her staff.  She said it was never easy for her to evaluate everyone as well as she wanted to because she didn’t see some of them as often as others.  Anyway, she just asked for wisdom about this – Josh asked for prayer for his wife because she was having some problems getting their kids to accept new rules that she had just given to them – chores and increased responsibility for several things in their lives.  Josh said that she played “bad cop” and he had the pleasure of balancing it all out with some “good cop.”  He said this was causing friction between them and he wanted things to smooth out as he started to share the burden of rebellious kids.  My prayer request was that I wouldn’t be so tired all of the time (busy).  Anyway, I felt bad for missing the thirty-minute time and actually felt less connected to my friends and colleagues.  I assured them that I would not miss again unless I actually was sick or dead,

The main business speaker for the day was a visiting guy from Austin who ran several food trucks that sold various types of cuisine.  He was a friend of one of the weekly joiners and was encouraged to speak to a group of us “small towners.”  So, while he was visiting family in Lubbock, he agreed to tell us his story.  This guy was laid back and more casual in his presentation but he taught us some good stuff about how to encourage and coach the Millenials he mainly managed.  He said that it was important to have regular “huddles” with his employees so that he could collectively “pat them on the back.”  He also said that beyond the collective encouragement, he would reiterate what he expected in a clear way so that nobody could forget the mission and vision behind the overall company.  He also said that he made sure to move his workers around fairly regularly – from one truck to another – so that they had to keep learning and keeping interest.  He said that this kept his workers from getting bored or stuck in a rut with one food truck.  Finally, this guy taught us to make sure that we reward everyone – even if our workers were slacking some.  He said that these rewards help get workers to live up to the reward after it was given.  With all of the entitlement embedded in this generation, he said he saw positive reactions from each group as each person felt that they were getting incentives they thought they deserved.  The talk was kind of all over the place, but even in its scatter shots I learned a lot.  It was cool to realize that even Austin colleagues were able to relate to us.

So, what do you think about these rewards being given before exemplary work is done?  Do you think that people tend to work harder when they see that they will be blessed?  Hit me with your comments about this if you have the time – thanks.