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Business Leadership

Week Twenty - Business Leadership

This week we shared our prayer time with the two other groups who have been joining us thirty minutes early to pray.  We all circled up and introduced ourselves and then we got down to prayer.  It was amazing to feel the extra power going on as a result of our larger gathering.  The Lubbock Pre-K director seemed to have a special gift of knowing what people around her needed prayer for – none of us mentioned what we needed prayer for but Josh, Mr. Lubbock Lawn Care, told me afterwards that the administrator nailed it for him.  I could also attest to this.  She lifted me up especially and hit on something that I had not ever mentioned to my group of three – my sense of insecurity as a boss and how that was affecting my leadership.  I was blown away.  Anyway, we all agreed that we would gather together like this once every six weeks or so – It was a great time.

 The business meeting itself was very interesting to me too because it was all about being a strong leader for the sake of the employees under us.  This woman (Janice) was an architect who said that because she was a woman she had felt that she was not going to be respected by her employees.  She said that she succumbed to some of the men on the leadership team even when she thought they were saying things that she was sure would take the company to a lower level.  After doing this several times, another woman who worked for her took her aside and reminded Janice that she was the head of the company and that she needed to assert control.  With this encouragement, Janice took firm reins of the company and began to lead with a security and a strength that took some people aback.  She said that it took a while for the other men to respect this shift, but that they soon saw the value of her experience and position.  As a result of being a strong leader, she said that the company started living up to its vision and mission.  She said that within six months the company grew its profits by over twenty percent.  After telling her story, she gave us the same encouragement she was given and pushed us all to lead with power.  She recommended a book by Bill Hybels and several books by John Maxwell that she thought would help us get to a whole new level of leadership.  It was a great talk.

Hey bosses out there…Are you strong leaders who can allow for advice but not cede your position?  What kind of leader are you?  Do you have any book recommendations for me in this area?  Thanks in advance for giving me your tips and counsel.  Until next week…