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Avoiding Work Stresses

Avoiding Work Stresses - Week Thirty-Nine

Josh was a bit late to prayer today – He said that he a pressing matter with one of his Christmas lighting staff that needed to be taken care of early in the morning.  Liz and me had just been talking about catering in Lubbock and my business while we waited for our third mate to join us for prayer.  We could tell that Josh was in a bad mood and that he was trying to shake it.  So we took it to prayer so that he could relax despite the morning’s circumstances.  Actually all three of us needed to receive some peace, because all of had had tough weeks – bumps in the road.  Just a reminder to us that in this world we will have troubles – just because we pray doesn’t mean that everything bad doesn’t disappear.  Anyway, we focused our prayers on the person sitting to our left and we all felt better and calmer when we finished.  I have to say that I love my prayer team of three.  It’s amazing how people can really bond their lives together when they pray.  Oh and I forgot to say – there were thirteen groups who were there to pray early after subject of the talk last week.  I think that is cool how people who may have not thought about bringing the supernatural to bear on the natural were moved to try this after last week.

As for the larger business gathering, it was really well done.  We were all asked to take an index card and to write on it what our three main work stresses are.  Then whoever was bold enough was asked to share them.  It was interesting that almost everyone who shared had put “employees, profits and leadership.”  Of course there were other things mentioned, but those three were the common three.  After we were led in this exercise, the speaker named Paula told us some ways that we could reduce our daily stresses and be better leaders.  She said that as leaders we were prone to burnout and even bleeding ulcers (bad health) if we let stress do its thing day after day.  She recommended hooking ourselves with YouTube to practice guided imagery.  She said that there were a lot of videos out there that teach you how to shut your eyes and be taken out of your current stressed thoughts.  She said that by giving ourselves five to ten minutes of “mental time-outs” we could get a better handle on our stresses.  She also told us that there were good yoga exercises that you could do at your office – just brief stretches to do while alone in your office to get your breathing right and your head calmer.  I thought that this was a cool talk especially after Josh, Liz and I had mentioned in our prayer time that we had extra stress.  I knew that I needed to practice deep breathing – from the diaphragm – but I had never done it at work.  I’m planning to now.

So readers, how do you manage your work and life stresses?  Do you have any other techniques that you have found that work to bring yourself calm in the midst of your days?  I have prayer, yoga stretches, guided imagery and deep breathing to work on, but I am wondering if there are other things I can try in my moments at work when I am in the privacy of my office…Let me know when you can.  Thanks in advance…