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The Public Adjuster

The Public Adjuster

Insurance claims consultants, also known as public adjusters, are easy to find when you have had a fire or a water damage situation.  These desperate times make us react quite quickly, but I want to suggest that you use one company that rises above the masses – Abba Claims (www.abbaclaims.com).  This national company is filled with highly skilled insurance claims consultants who can work with your insurance companies from damage appraisal to the end of the process.  They are not just professional, they are passionate about your problems and want to over-deliver if possible.

I live in Lubbock, Texas and I know that Abba Claims has a very active office here.  The head of the company – a guy who is named Ches – is an excellent leader and his employees follow his lead in providing the best of service.  These tough times that sometimes hit and ruin our properties to some level need to be handled by top-notch people so that you can get your proper return.  If this is you, don’t wait – contact Abba Claims as soon as possible.  They will hold your hand throughout this entire process and make you feel good about what sort of money you get back from your insurance company.

I am biased toward this company not just because of the testimonials from others, but because I saw how they handled my in-laws claim after they had a terrible fire hit their house.  From their temporary home at a local hotel, they were served quickly and were back in their house in just a few months.  And the thing that blew me away, was that when they got their insurance claim covered, this family had a brand “new” house that looked even better than it had before.

So this is my recommendation and I want to hear from others of you out there who have had the opportunity to work with them.  I think it is always good to read what others have to say about their experiences with a great public adjuster. 

Just wondering – have any of you had fire damage or water damage that caused seemingly irreparable damage to your home and possessions?  What did you do?  Did you try to work with the insurance company by yourself?  How did that go?  Do you wish that you had contacted insurance claims consultants to help you?  What would you do next time?

Please comment on this and let me know if there are other highly skilled companies out there who were excellent at their jobs.  Why not be fair and let more of you weigh in on who to hire?  Feel free to send me your recommendations if you have any about public adjusters.  Thanks in advance…