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Gifting your workers - Week Forty

Gifting your workers - Week Forty

Prayer today was back to normal in that it was back to Josh, Liz and me.  We discussed Liz’s new plans for boosting her Lubbock catering business and for Josh’s plans to scale back on his landscaping for the sake of much needed lawn care customers.  (He is also working on building his list for Christmas lighting.)  I wasn’t making any changes to my Heating and Cooling business so I asked them to pray for my family as well as for my hip because it had been giving me trouble.  We prayed openly and aloud not worrying whether or not people could hear us.  We have become bolder in our meetings since we began this journey together.  It felt good to be united in our faith.

In the larger gathering we had another banker come in.  His name was Jim.  Jim knew we had discussed some weightier issues and so he came to us with a lighter subject:  motivating our employees through food and favorites.  Jim said that he had every new employee fill out a form when they were hired that asked them what their favorite restaurant, favorite candy, favorite soft drink, etc. was.  Then on their birthdays, Jim would make sure to have a gift basket filled with their favorite things so that they felt special.  He said it meant more than a signed card or balloons because it showed that the company was interested in the whole person.  He said that ever since he started doing this, worker morale was much higher.  He said that he also noticed that his employees would surprise their friends at work with favorite things too.  It became a gift-based movement, which is a big deal to a lot of people.  Jim also said that it was a great idea to have good bagels, donuts and coffee available every morning.  He was not trying to make his employees obese in this of course.  He was showing them that he was willing to spend his own “boss money” on them by providing treats every day.  He also said that he often used Liz’s Lubbock catering to provide free, quality lunches to his employees (Liz’s ears perked up when he mentioned this – she couldn’t help but smile and blush a bit).  Anyway, this was a great talk about how to treat employees by motivating them through gifts that made them feel special.  I was going to implement his ideas the next day and see if the workers noticed.  Another guy who is from an insurance claims consultants firm gave some specific ideas as to what gifts might be appropriate for the men inside of companies.  I took notes about what he said – good comments.

So readers, what do you think about this whole thing?  Have you ever been made to feel special by your company?  What did they do to motivate you?  If you are a business owner, have you ever used similar techniques to make your workers happier?  Did their happiness translate into higher work rates and retention?  Let me know when you can –

Until next time…