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New Technologies - Week Forty-One

New Technologies - Week Forty-One

Our Lubbock Pre-K teacher joined us again today because her group didn’t materialize.  Us regulars decided that we wanted her to lead us in prayer since she has so much experience doing this within and outside of her work.  She was a little embarrassed that we asked – probably because most people assume that she is a professional prayer machine.  But, she happily did it.  We all briefly reported on our work weeks – Josh was making his holiday lighting (aka Christmas lighting) transition and it was going well – Liz had her Lubbock catering under control.  Not much else to report…  Our prayer leader for the week took from what the speaker talked about a few weeks back and she took us through a most interesting guided imagery prayer exercise.  She asked us to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our imaginations (or what she referred to as our internal televsions).  Then she told us to let him take us to God’s house.  Then we all just sat in silence and let our brains be taken to our versions of God’s house.  I saw myself walking up a path to a huge mansion with beautiful landscaping.  But I was having a hard time getting myself to go to the door.  I couldn’t explain it – I knew I wanted to go in, but something kept holding me back.  Liz said that she was immediately inside of the house and that she was taken to a room decorated in her favorite colors.  She said she had an IV in her arm.  Josh said that his mind was just wandering and that he couldn’t see more than a house in the distance.  Our prayer leader for the day said that she could see herself being consumed by fire at the doorway and turned into a little speck of light that just passed through the keyhole and entered into a large worship service where a bunch of other light specks were.  She told us afterwards that we should ask God to tell us what (if anything) our visions meant.  I thought it was an exhilarating experience and decided that it was brilliant to bring in our visuals to prayer.  We are a culture that learns and is entertained by visions on TV so why not be taught by God on our internal TV’s.  This experiment made me realize that there were so many ways to pray – ways that I had never thought about.  It made me feel invigorated and excited to try this style of prayer at home.

Anyway, at the larger group meeting we had another panel of speakers from nearby cities who were in the technology fields.  They were there to introduce us to various new technologies that had just hit the market or ones that were going to hit the public in the next few years.  They had a nice presentation with excellent visuals of their own.  They used up the time to tell us how these new technologies could be put into play for our businesses.  But I have to admit that I couldn’t tell you about any of the technologies – none of them applied to my field or industry.  I didn’t see how any of them would make a difference in my heating and cooling world.  That being said, I listened attentively and acted as if I was fascinated.  I am a good boy.

So readers, what do you think about what we did in prayer today?  Do you think it is a safe and intelligent way to let God in?  As for the business dealings, how is new technology affecting you?  Are there technologies you are aware of that would be relevant for a business like mine?  Let me know when you can…