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Dealing with Leaders and Difficult Times

Dealing with Leaders and Difficult Times

I have recently been perusing various leadership blogs and especially focusing on Dr. Andy Neillie’s blog because it always hits me where I am as a leader.  (Andy Neillie is a renowned keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies that are seeking to improve their leadership and management teams.) In one of his most recent (and honest blogs), he talks about how to lead leaders during difficult times.  He writes about how difficult times are inevitable and how that as a leader of leaders you cannot put your head in the sand as these difficult things are happening.  He gives a personal testimonial about how this very thing caused a lot of personnel and financial losses for his company and it was all because he didn’t lead through the crisis.  One of his main suggestions to us leaders is that we must really build up our most important leaders and managers so that when these difficult times happen, they too will be ready to lead alongside you.  He says that it is vital to do the following things with them:  exercise good recruiting, coaching and mentoring, give clear direction, and celebrate successes.  He said this is crucial when turning managers into leaders.

I know that in my leadership world, I have tended to not want to lead at all during difficult times.  I feel the heat of the moment and want to run away rather than deal with the problems head on.  I know I have lost several battles because I too have stuck my head into the sand and left my leadership and management teams to fend for themselves.  After reading this blog I am reminded to do Neillie’s vital things with my leaders at all times – no matter how hard it may seem.  I don’t look forward to having these difficult times, but the next time that these inevitable difficulties arise, I will have prepared my leaders and managers to hang in there with me with heads held high as we weather the storms together.


So readers, what do you think about Neillie’s suggestions?  Have you ever found yourself running away during the difficult times at work?  What would you suggest doing when these times arise?


Thanks for your comments.  We all need as much good advice as possible to get through the difficult times!