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After a Fire: Insurance Claims Consultants

After a Fire:  Insurance Claims Consultants

I know that is illegal to yell out “Fire” in a public place (or at least I think I have heard that) unless there actually is one.  But yesterday at a church in Lubbock, Texas there was cause to be yelling it out.  A fire broke out (not a spiritual one) in one room and spread out into several rooms destroying not only much of the building but all of the materials in those areas leaving this church reeling.  I know the head pastor personally and I was sad to see that this had happened to such a good guy and such a great community of faith.  Refuge Christian Church is no longer a refuge for this congregation and I read that they are having a fundraising rally to get everything back in order.  I’m sure they will raise a lot of money for repairs, but I also know that they are going to need help from their insurance company to cover much of the cost.  Still, I wonder if this insurance company will provide the kinds of funds to handle all of the fire damage. 

All that being said, I do know that they can contact some professional Insurance Claims Consultants located in Texas to come alongside them as they struggle to put things back together.  These Texas Adjusters can team up with them and represent them in the attempt to get the proper amount of money from the insurance company.  Such people are invaluable when trying to recover funds that this church will need.  I have heard stories about one such group that does a lot of this representation in Lubbock (and even in large cities nationwide).  The company’s name is Abba Claims and I have heard a lot about how passionate and how professional they have handled several other cases of fire damage claims.  I will definitely recommend them to my pastor friend and see if he wants to use them.  I figure, why not bring in expert insurance claims consultants who know how to deal with insurance companies instead of doing it all yourself? 

 Either way, whether he chooses to use Abba Claims (www.abbaclaims.com) or some other company, I am just praying for my friend and his ministry.  May everything be recovered soon so that this faith group can get back to making its huge impact on this whole community.