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Hurricane Harvey Help

Hurricane Harvey Help 

Not only were there thousands of homes destroyed in Hurricane Harvey, but thousands of businesses also lost their properties and their possessions.  Recovery from this tragedy will certainly take a long time and hopefully another storm like it won’t come around again soon (actually may another storm never hit us Texans like this one did).  In the midst of such devastation, there are so many needs for help and thankfully there has been an outpouring of aid coming in from all parts of the country.  Money and supplies have been crucial for these victims of this storm and I know several people who have made trips out to Houston to do their all as volunteers to help people recover from flood damage that created massive losses.  But besides money and supplies, I have found that there is even more help that has been offered by a Houston Public Adjuster named Ches Bostick, who is doing what he can with his business, Abba Claims, to make sure that insurance companies do right by their clients.  Abba Claims and their President are making their best effort to fight for the right for their clients to get back what they have lost.  Ches Bostick is leading this charge and I want to recommend that anyone who has lost property of any kind to get in contact with them as soon as possible.  This company is filled with professionals who know how to come alongside clients so that they are not shortchanged by insurance companies.  They offer long-term help that will help victims get back on their feet again.  I have a lot of respect for this man and his company and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

They can be contacted through their website at www.abbaclaims.com or by phone at 888-908-2042.  Get in touch with them today if you can.  They will serve you in ways that will give you back parts of your life that were destroyed by this horrible storm.  Flood damage does not have to end your life.