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Business Jingles and Mascots - Week Forty-Five

Business Jingles and Mascots - Week Forty-Five

I cannot believe that I have been coming to this group as faithfully as I have been coming – I’m usually the sort to start strong and be initially excited but then fall off in the middle and then die out by the six-month mark.  But, the opening prayer time with solid friends and the exceptional talks being given by other business professionals, has kept me riding perfect attendance since the beginning.  Liz, Josh and I did our normal prayer requests (Josh reported that he has taken on a new Lubbock landscaping client (short-term furnished housing firm) and Liz is just doing well on all fronts.  I led us in prayer today and I decided to have us listen more than speak out loud.  I just asked the Spirit of God to lead each one of us to the place in our lives that need attention.  For me, I felt convicted that I had treated one of my employees with disrespect a few days ago.  I was trying to be sarcastically funny, but apparently it wasn’t taken that way and I felt moved to apologize to this guy later in the day.  I never want to treat people badly and I felt guilty even though I know that God has led me to a place of repentance and forgiveness.  This is an area that I need to work on. 

As for the larger business gathering we actually had an insurance claims adjuster (who focuses on fire insurance claims) named Ches (pronounced like the complicated board game that I stink at) speak to us.  I was expecting him to focus on his industry and give to give us advice regarding getting the best private claims adjuster to help us get what we deserve in case of fire damage, water damage, etc.  But it turns out that Ches had gotten his MBA and knew some general business tricks to help us become better at our marketing.  Ches talked about how a lot of businesses don’t just have a catchy slogan (which he said was very important) but they also have jingles and even cartoonish characters to be their spokespersons.  He reminded us of the perfect example – Geico – which uses a computer generated gecko and a repetitive tag.  When I see that gecko I automatically know what he represents.  He is all about saving 15% on car insurance.  He said that if our company wasn’t into cartoon characters that we should have a man or woman to be our consistent public face.  (Chick-Fil-A cows also stick in my brain)  Ches said that the more we can grab our customers’ attention with images, slogans, characters and jingles, the better.  We want our businesses to stand out from the rest.  During his talk I immediately started thinking of what I could do to make customers identify my business better.  I don’t have a catchy tune in my head yet, but maybe a marketing team could help me come up with all of the above.

So readers, what do you think about what Ches had to say?  Are you more likely to go with a well-branded company with all the bells and whistles?  Do you have such things in your own business?  If so, how do they work?  Thanks in advance for your comments…