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Facebook Ads or Google Adwords Debate

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords Debate 

Today at our ever-growing business gathering we had a debate between two business leaders about whether or not Facebook ads are effective at driving traffic to a targeted website landing page or whether they are a waste of time and energy.  One of the people in the debate was a leadership speaker who has built his business from nothing to being a national force.  He, Andy Neillie, has had to use all sorts of marketing methods to get his business up and running said that he had tried Facebook ads but found them to be weak in driving traffic.  He advised that Google Adwords is a much better source of exposure and customer collection.  He based this belief not only on personal experience but also because he thinks Facebook is more of a social media platform catering to fun – people don’t go to Facebook to find business opportunities or to shop.  Many people agreed with him about this.

In the other corner of this debate was Josh Sanders, head of a leading Lubbock landscaping company who also built his company from the ground up.  Josh argued that he had had a lot of success with Facebook ads and even though he uses Google Adwords to diversify his marketing dollar, he thinks that if you use the complex targeting opportunities on Facebook, you can catch the eyes of those who didn’t plan on clicking off of Facebook to buy products or learn about a company from their landing page.  Josh also said that you have to run the types of ads that are stand out and exciting sounding for your specific demographic. 

It was a friendly debate and really got me thinking about how I spend my marketing dollars.  To be honest, I haven’t used any money on either platforms.  I have stuck with the traditional print and flyer marketing, but now I think I will give both Google Adwords and Facebooks Ads some of my budgeted marketing money to experiment with what these guys were saying.  I’ll let you know which (if either or both) work to get people to take a look at my website.

Until then, feel free to comment about what side of the debate you are on and why you think your side is right.  Thanks for weighing in – I look forward to what you have to say.