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Fire Insurance Claims

In this world all sorts of difficult situations arise to shake our lives up.  One of the worst of these situations is when you have a fire happen at your home or business and destruction follows - All of your possessions are affected either directly or indirectly with smoke damage.  This kind of terrible blow is bad enough in itself even when you do have insurance.  Insurance companies don't always help like they should when you make fire insurance claims.  That's why you need to hire a fire claim adjuster to aid you in dealing with your insurance company.  These people come in and work alongside you to get you the money you will need to replace and repair your home or business.  I know someone who swears by claims adjusters because he had a fire happen and was getting the runaround from his insurance company.  So, he hired a group called Abba Claims (www.abbaclaims.com) who had highly trained adjusters who got the insurance company to give him a fair settlement.  These professionals worked hard to be his partner in dealing with the whole insurance process (which can be quite a complicated task).  

Now hopefully, you haven't ever had a fire and hopefully you never will.  But if you do take note of this above mentioned company.  You don't have to work this process alone.

Have any of you readers used a public adjuster to help you with a fire insurance claim?  If so, please comment in the comment section and let the rest of us know what your experience was like.  Was it a good one or a frustrating one?  Have you ever had a difficult time getting insurance companies to pay you a fair settlement?

Anyway, I would be interested to hear from you if you have experienced loss like this.  Thanks in advance.