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Updating Equipment - Week Forty-Six

Updating Equipment - Week Forty-Six 

Prayer before everything got going was good today.  It was a simple time because we followed the A.C.T.S. model (Adore, Confess, Thank and Surrender).  It is never easy to confess your junk in front of other people, but there is something very important about confession – it definitely takes a load off of my insides and allows me to restart without having any heavy burdens weighing me down.  We decided to share with each other after praying this time so that we made sure to keep prayer as the central focus of our early meeting.  Liz said that her Lubbock catering business was going to team up with the short-term furnished apartments speaker from a few weeks back – they are having a big “welcome to your new temporary home” party around the swimming pool on the weekend and sought out Liz to handle the food part of it.  She said that it was cool how this group was starting to do some profit building networking.  Josh told us about how his father was continually getting better and thanked us for lifting him up.  He also said that his lawn care maintenance company was doing great.  I just said that I needed to devote more time to my family – especially my kids.  I had been doing less work for about a month and dedicating that extra time to them, but in this past week I have been pressing the gas pedal pretty hard at my job and neglecting my home folks.  I have to stop doing this.  I forgot to mention that Carl, who is a fire claims adjuster, joined us for our pre-business meeting time.  It was refreshing to hear how his life and work were going and he asked if he could join us more often.  We agreed.

Anyway, at the larger business gathering we had a guy named Stan who is a suit at a computer software company come in to talk with us.  He started off by saying that most of what he was going to be sharing was basic information, but that if it wasn’t taken care of it would really hurt our businesses.  His talk was all about how we needed to make sure that our workers had the most up to date equipment so that they could do their jobs.  He said that a lot of bosses try to cut corners on things like cell phones, computers and even trucks/transports.  Stan said that this was something that had happened at his company and he explained how employees were left to do some fairly difficult tasks while using outdated equipment.  When one of the leaders spoke up to the boss about it, there was an angry growl from the top down saying that there was not enough profit to justify buying all new equipment.  So for about six months everyone there tried their best to handle tasks with old stuff but their efficiency suffered and profits dipped.  Finally when the request was made again (this time more desperately) new equipment was bought and workers were able to do their jobs easily.  This made for a happy workforce and there was great return on the leaders’ investment.  (Unfortunately, a few very good workers had gotten too frustrated and moved to another company).  Still, the point was well made.  I thought about how my workers sometimes complained to me that their tools were old.  They also moaned about how we didn’t give them business cell phones – they were having to use their personal phones for business.  So, I have decided to take a close look at what my employees are using to do their jobs and to replace the outdated things with new things.  It was a basic lesson, but a much needed one.

So readers, what do you think about this subject?  Have you been keeping up with your equipment needs?  If not, how do you think this is affecting your business?  Thanks in advance.