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Business Christmas Party - Week Fifty

Business Christmas Party - Week Fifty

Pre-gathering we had our prayer time and tried out the guided imagery discipline again.  This time I led it and told us to first ask God for His Holy Spirit to guide us in our imaginations.  Then I said that we should ask God to show us what is going to happen when we die and are in Heaven or on the new earth with our glorious bodies.  I was thinking about the verses about how the Holy Spirit can reveal such things to us and I figured why not get encouraging visions about this.  During this time, I saw myself as a giant and shining being who could do anything.  Liz described how she saw herself as a bright speck of light floating near God’s alter.  Josh said that he could see his old body being consumed by a holy fire as he stepped into his heavenly room.  We all felt amazed that God showed us three different but three interesting views on the afterlife.  Josh admitted that he saw one his employees outside of his window doing lawn care and landscaping and said that he was half distracted by his upcoming workday.  Liz said that she was fully focused and didn’t see any of her Lubbock catering – she was thankful to have a break from her work.  We all agreed that this was a cool exercise and we committed to ask God to give us more vision as we went about our upcoming weeks.  I bet that we will all get some fascinating explanations about our visions and possibly more details added to what we had already seen.

As for the larger business gathering, we had no speaker but instead we had a kind of Christmas party since the holiday is upon us.  We all ate some catered breakfast foods and filled out surveys about what we had learned the most about during the past forty-nine weeks.  We were also asked about what we had implemented into our businesses and how this implementation had affected our business worlds.  I found it really helpful to reflect on the last year and I was even reminded that I needed to follow through with all of the topics we had learned about.  I especially needed to follow through on the retreat.  I had planned on doing it in this month, but I ended up pushing it back.  I must make this a priority.  It was a nice party.  I spent most of my time hanging with Josh and hearing about how his family was doing and also about his lawn care maintenance was going.  It gave us a chance to really catch up.  I did also corner the leadership coach to see if he would be willing to come and speak to my employees so that they could become better leaders.  I’m sure I need to learn a lot from him too on this issue.

 So for you readers out there, what things did you glean from my blogging about these meetings?  I know you weren’t there to hear all of the details of each talk, but I imagine that you took enough from my summaries to do some things that were different and hopefully effective.  So, let me know when you get the chance so I can improve on my blogs.  Thanks in advance.