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Prepping for the lean times - Week Fifty-One

Prepping for the lean times - Week Fifty-One

As the day began Josh, Liz and I pulled out our Nouwen books and talked about how the discipline of simplicity is the key to being content.  Josh, who does lawn care and Lubbock landscaping for some of the richest people in town, said that he has noticed that many of his wealthier clients have all the “toys” they could want but that they don’t seem happy.  He told us that most of them complain the most about the landscaping and yard work that his teams do.  They are not living simply and they don’t seem content at all.  It’s probably a huge generalization to say that all rich people are not simple or that all rich people are not content, but he just made the comments.  I think that I go back and forth from wanting to live simply to wanting more and more stuff.  I value this chapter in Nouwen’s book and hope that I can scale back my stuff and my expectations for material things as time goes on.  Liz asked for prayer in this area because she said that she tends to be a hoarder of the nicer things in life.  Her Lubbock catering business affords her the money to buy freely, but she says that she sometimes gets caught up in purchasing too much.  So, we all prayed for each other and we asked God to help us not only simplify us but to keep blessing us.  His blessings don’t always have to be material – I have to remember that money isn’t everything.

Speaking of money, we had another leadership coach/economist named James speak to us all at the larger gathering.  He basically taught us how to measure our wealth for our businesses and for our personal lives so that we could always stay ahead of the tough times.  He said that recessions and depressions do happen and can really affect those of us who are reactionary in our decision-making.  He showed us how the macro economy can make even our local businesses shake from the foundations.  He gave several examples of how a globalized economy can affect our micro economies.  It was an enlightening talk that gave me new perspectives on how to look at the overall markets – especially the stock and bonds markets.  I have never thought much of these markets because I didn’t see how they could affect me on a day-to-day basis.  But, now I will start to do so and prepare myself accordingly.

Well readers, what do you think about how we should monitor our macro economies so we can stay in check with our day-to-day micro-economies?  Are any of you heavily invested in the stocks and bonds market?  If so, do you have any tips as to what to keep in mind when adjusting for rises and falls on the local levels?  Thanks in advance for your comments.