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Getting Your Business a Yearly Physical - Week Fifty-Two

Getting Your Business a Yearly Physical - Week Fifty-Two

Well today marks the year anniversary of this business group and of my prayer team.  It has been cool to blog about the happenings of this year because it allows me to read back over answers to prayer and to grab onto the talks given.  I definitely want to remember both sets of things so I can grow as a Christian and as a businessman.  I’ve definitely implemented many of the things I have listened to and prayed about.  It’s a day to celebrate growth.  Liz and Josh have been great partners in this time and they have become close friends of mine.  We are bonded together by spirituality and by our work – Liz’s Lubbock catering is rocking and rolling – Josh’s Lubbock lawn care business is flying high – My heating and cooling business has stayed steady and most of my clients are now satisfied persons and organizations.  Anyway, today we spent time doing more guided imagery using the Parable of Lazarus and the Rich man.  We asked God to put us into the story with these characters and to show us important things that we could carry with us.  It was a very interesting time that showed each of us new things about our relationships with the Word of God.  We all committed to stay in the story as we went through our weeks.  And that was that.  I forgot to mention that our Dallas fire insurance claims buddy joined us again and seemed to really enjoy the meditation.  He’s a nice guy.

In the larger business gathering, we had a doctor named Perry speak to us.  His subject was all about giving our businesses a yearly “physical” so that we could see what systems in our businesses were working well and which ones were “sick” and needed care.  It was cool how he used his own job and practice to help us realize how to evaluate our businesses – treating them like patients.  He showed us what he meant by checking into the systems and he also gave us a sheet to fill out regarding our businesses.  He recommended that each of us take a personal retreat each year to evaluate the health of our companies.  I really liked how Perry broke each part of our “bodies” down and helped us see that while we may not feel “cancers” in our businesses, they still may exist and need to be dealt with.  I have not taken a personal retreat in a long time and I do admit that I have not taken much time to evaluate the DNA and the conditions of my business.  But after today, making use of his handouts, I will do that and make sure that I have a healthy business from head to toe.

 So readers, have you ever done what Perry suggested to us?  Are you a good evaluator who does complete exams on your businesses?  Do you take yearly personal retreats to refresh and review your companies?  Let me know what value you have found in doing this kind of thing.  Thanks in advance for your comments and advice…