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Dr. Andy Neillie Review – Lifelong Leadership Learner

Dr. Andy Neillie Review – Lifelong Leadership Learner

Dr. Andy Neillie is a world-renowned leadership coach who leads workshops and corporations so that their managers become better leaders.  He is a fantastic teacher and keynote speaker who has given hundreds of encouraging speeches to Fortune 500 executives all over the world.  And besides being a great teacher, he is known for being a lifelong learner.  He is always observing people and things around him so that he can glean more knowledge to apply to his coaching.

This lifelong learning idea is an important value to have if you want to be a good leader.  Thinking you have everything you need as you lead your businesses is a mistake.  If you keep your eyes open and try to apply what you see to your company is a brilliant idea.  It also keeps you humble as you recognize that you are far from being the omniscient leader. 

Sidenote:  Humility is another value that great leaders show off to their managers.  Being humble can go a long way in inspiring your employees to see themselves as vital to your collective cause. 

Okay, so this blog is based on one of Andy Neillie’s observances – I won’t go into details about the new and growing Participator Approach to things, but I will say that the takeaways Neillie got from studying this approach are invaluable.  He writes on his website that it is always easy to start a project with a big bang, but that this often fizzles.  He recommends all of us that the turtle moved at a slow but sustained pace versus the hare’s quick run and that the turtle ended up winning the day.  Some things can start fast and work out, but it is key to usually start slow and build momentum as you train your leaders to lead.  This kind of approach allows you to check in on your managers as they grow.  Some of your employees might not be getting the point behind a certain project but if you take it slow and teach them over a sustained period, they will have a better chance of staying up with the grander vision.  Neillie says that it is key to start something and to keep chipping away at it until the end goal is realized.  Things don’t have to happen right away.  It’s the person who just keeps trying and failing over an extended period of time that typically succeeds in the end.

So, readers – what do you think about becoming a constant observer and a lifelong learner?  How do you do this in your every day life so that you can be a better leader yourself?  Are you known as a careful motivator so that momentum can be achieved or do you think you have more of a hare approach?

Please feel free to comment about your experiences with these above questions.  Thanks in advance.