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Enhancing your Business Environment - Week Fifty-Three

Enhancing your Business Environment - Week Fifty-Three

Liz had more to do with her Lubbock catering today and as it turned out, Josh had to miss the meeting today for his lawn care business, so I was left with the Dallas fire damage claims guy to pray for them and for myself.  I know I could have joined up with one of the other thirteen prayer teams, but I figured I could practice my discipline of solitude – turn on some piano solos from Dustin O’Halloran and open myself up the movement of God with no interruptions.  I have not had this opportunity much even though I could do so at home.  But being at home means that I have to shift into family man and caregiver to the kids.  So, this solitude felt really good.  I didn’t say much except to say “I surrender to you, God.”  I decided to let God own the time and I am glad I did.  I kept in mind the scriptural guided imagery from last week and I could see myself in the story of Lazarus and the rich man.  I won’t go into too many details, but I could see myself in the presence of Lazarus, who was a beggar, and I was forced to deal with the question of whether or not I would be like the rich man who would ignore Lazarus or if I would do whatever I could to raise him up from his sorrowful state.  This convicted me, because I often pass by needy people on the streets and don’t do anything for them.  I don’t even make an effort.  I act like the rich man and do all I can to avoid them.  This has to change if I am going to mature in my faith.

As for the larger business gathering, we had a lady named Patricia who was a graphic artist.  She sort of repeated one of the speakers who had talked to us before.  She focused on how we can set up our offices in such a way that can inspire our workers.  She said that many business owners don’t even think of the environment that their workers are doing their work in.  She said this was a major mistake.  She showed us several office spaces like this and she talked about how the environment that is created by us owners can either dull the creativity of our employees or enhance their work.  She then showed us how drab spaces could be renovated in ways that would act as catalysts for harder and better work output.  Patricia said that she had been brought in by several companies to work as a beauty consultant.  She then showed us some of the before and after pictures of those companies’ work spaces and talked about how the return on investment skyrocketed after the changes that were made.  I get her point.  But since my workers are hardly ever in the office (they are at various work sites doing heating, cooling and plumbing) I did not think this talk was that relevant to me.  I guess maybe I could beautify my own office to see if my work improved.  It wouldn’t hurt to try I guess.  I’ll look up some art prints online later and do my best.

 So readers, what do you think of bringing in a beauty consultant to your business to help you create an environment of creativity?  Have you ever thought about doing this?  How many of you are currently using your space to act as a catalyst for enhanced work?  I’m interested to hear what you think about this, so please comment.  Thanks in advance.