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From California to Dallas - Fire Damage Claims

From California to Dallas - Fire Damage Claims

Times have not been easy for residents of California for several months now.  Thousands of people have been displaced and thousands of acres of land have been destroyed by wildfires.  First responders are working tirelessly to squelch these fires that are raging, but the high winds just keep pushing these fires into new areas.  I cannot imagine being someone who lives in those areas.  Fire is no joke.  And I cannot imagine how many fire damage claims will be sent in at the end of all of this.  I hope that the victims of these fires will be able to recover what they have lost.  To have to rebuild once these fires are stopped will be such a difficult process.  With property loss and of course the smoke damage there will be so much money needed for people to put their lives back together. 

With these fires in mind, I am working with a company which handles fire damage claims in Dallas (I live in Texas) and think of the individual fires that hit individuals, families and businesses on the micro level.  I heard from the president of this company and he told me that there are so many more fires that happen to people during the holidays.  He said that with all of the dry Christmas trees and holiday lights that aren’t properly installed, there are huge chances for individual fires to pop up and leave the victims of these fires at the mercy of their insurance companies to get them their stuff back.  This president isn’t an insurance director or anything, but he does work with people who have had fires.  His company focuses on working alongside people as they file fire insurance claims.  He said that this process is a difficult one, as insurance companies tend not to want to hand out the right amount of money to affected people.  He said that people who try to work this insurance process themselves often find themselves getting “ripped off”.  This is why his team of public adjusters exist – they do all they can to persuade insurance companies to give enough money back so that people can renovate or replace their damaged goods.  He said that the services his company offers have helped hundreds of struggling people.

I checked into his company and found out that Abba Claims is one of the top public adjusting companies in the states.  There have been a lot of great testimonials written about the work that Abba has done and even though I haven’t experienced the destruction caused by a fire, I will definitely bookmark them in my computer just in case. 

Have you ever used a public adjuster?  Have you ever had to make a fire insurance claim?  How did your insurance company handle it?  Did you think they handled it properly or would you rather have hired one of these public adjusting companies to make sure you got a fair settlement? 

Please comment and let me know what you think about all of this.