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Winter Lawn Maintenance

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Winter doesn’t seem like the time to hire a professional crew to take care of your lawn, but it is actually a very important time for your yard.  As the cold and the ice comes in December through February, you better be ready to have your lawn get some much needed maintenance so that when Spring comes you won’t have the worst lawn on the block. 

So what needs to happen during this time of the year? 

  1. Leaf Clean-Up – You want to hire a professional crew that is going to offer at least three different clean-ups during the Winter.
  2. Removal of dead and damaged plants – This is in preparation for any new landscaping done in the Spring.
  3. Weed removal – You definitely don’t want weeds to take over your lawn while the chill is in the air.
  4. Tree and Plant trimming – Again this is to help you decide what sorts of things you want to do landscaping wise in the Spring.
  5. Gutter Clean-Up – This should be a no-brainer but a lot of people let this go and it causes all sorts of problems around the house.

So, that’s just a short list, but it will help you formulate questions for the lawn and landscaping crew who will be in charge of your yard all year long.  I personally recommend a Lubbock landscaping company called Roots Lawn and Landscaping.  Check out their Winter offerings on their website, http://lubbockroots.com and then give them a call to get estimates.  I have heard that they are the best in the city as far as Lubbock lawn care goes.

So, what is it that you guys do for your lawn year-round?  Do you take care of the above suggestions yourself or do you hire a crew?  Feel free to let me know if there are other recommendations to add to the list in the comment section.  Thanks for reading and may your lawn be beautiful!