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The Importance of a Leadership Coach

The Importance of a Leadership Coach


As an entrepreneurial businessman who has a large staff led by managers who help me run the entire company, I have always been hesitant about bringing in other leadership voices.  I never had felt the need to pay a leadership coach or an executive consultant to speak into the lives of my business team.  I figured they were getting all of the leadership they needed from me or that they were reading business books on their own so that they could improve their daily work.  I just knew that the managers who I had hired were solid and were as entrepreneurial as I was. 

But then, I went to a business seminar led by a man named Dr. Andy Neillie and I realized that there was so much for me to learn.  Pridefully, I had avoided seeking out my own continuing education for years but after hearing the advice given by Dr. Neilllie I got humble really quickly and decided that I needed all of my managers to hear from him too.  So, I wrangled all of them up for two days and I had Dr. Neillie come in to teach them (and me) to lead better.

Dr. Neillie tailored his talks around some complicated matters of business but he made them all so accessible.  He seemed to have his finger on the pulse of not only present business concepts, but he also looked into future trends and taught us to see how these trends were going to affect us in the long run.  He used solid teaching to go along with everyday anecdotes that really resonated with me and my entire group of managers.  And when he was finished all of my managers talked about how crucial it was that he came to reinvigorate them and make them want to improve their leadership style and action.  I cannot recommend highly enough that all of you business leaders out there find a conference where he is either the leadership keynote speaker or one of the workshop leaders.  He will help to transform your crew.  And if you are a large enough company and can afford to have Dr. Neillie come in for a day or two to act as a consultant, do it.  Don’t wait for things to start falling apart in your business and be forced to be reactionary.  Look him up today at www.neillieleadershipgroup and book him as soon as you can.  I have realized that we all need outside voices to help us along in our leadership journeys.

Have any of you had the pleasure of having this Fortune 500 speaker lead you to lead better?  If so, please leave your comments about what he said and how it helped your business flow better.