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What to Look for in a Public Adjuster

What to Look for in a Public Adjuster

If you have had any of the following things happen to you either at your home or at your company, it might be time to hire a public adjuster.

Types of Claims:

  1. Fire Damage
  2. Smoke Damage
  3. Water Damage
  4. Mold Damage
  5. Business Interruption
  6. Theft and/or Vandalism
  7. Hail Damage
  8. Wind Damage
  9. Lightning Damage
  10. Tornado Damage
  11. Hurricane Damage
  12. Building Collapse
  13. Explosion Damage
  14. Sinkhole Damage
  15. Flood Damage 

This is just a brief list of types of damage that can happen to you and hopefully you have the right kind of insurance so that you can make a claim with your insurance company.  Even if you do have the right sort of insurance, you might also want to bring in a professional group of insurance claims consultants so that you don’t get railroaded.  I recommend taking a look at the website, www.abbaclaims.com to learn more about what Texas public adjusters do.  Basically they come alongside you and help you get a fair settlement from your insurance company.  The most reputable ones are out to get you as much money as possible on your claims so that you can get back to work or back to life in your personal world.

I know that the company I mentioned above (Abba Claims) has settled many fire damage claims in Dallas during this holiday season and they also work on all sorts of claims all over the U.S. throughout the year.  They give free consultations and can help you estimate what you are going to get back from your insurance company.  I think they are worth a look even if its just to get more educated about this whole process.

So reader, have you ever had to make any sort of insurance claims?  What was it like for you?  Did you feel like your insurance company was on your side in getting you the most for your claim?  Have you ever used a public adjuster?  If so, was it helpful or a waste of energy?  Let me know in the comments section.