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Lawn care in Lubbock (Winter and Beyond)

Lawn care in Lubbock (Winter and Beyond)

With all the crazy shifts in temperature in Lubbock and surrounding towns, everyone around needs to keep a close eye on the condition of their lawns.  Lawn care in Lubbock is oftentimes neglected from November through February and this is actually a key range of time to have your lawn get some fresh maintenance.  It’s also an important time to get some gutter clean-up and leaf removal.  If you choose to do these two things on your own, good for you, but these are among the activities that most people loathe.  I say “let some professionals who do this stuff every day come over and handle it for us.”  I know several lawn care and landscaping companies in the area that are not only very good at this stuff, but they are also affordable.  This is a key thing as well – especially after dumping all that cash on Christmas.

As for the lawn care and landscaping side of things, people need to hire pros to come over and prepare their yards for the Spring season.  Lots of weeds are growing and no one likes weeds – might as well get a jump on killing those now instead of later when it is more difficult.  As well, it is a great time to meet with a landscaping crew and landscape designer who can help you design your front and back yard.  Why not have the most beautiful lawn on the block? 

Those are my recommendations for you when it comes to lawn care and landscaping during these seasons of warm and cold weather.  To summarize, “Get ‘er done!”  If any of you readers have specific recommendations for the best companies in the area, please comment.  I think Lubbock Roots Lawn & Landscape do the best job, but maybe you have other good ideas.  Thanks for reading and for weighing in.  Until next time…