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Fire Damage Claims Dallas

Fire Damage Claims Dallas 

I had a leadership development guru invite me to a business leader group that meets early every Thursday morning.  I figured that if this guy thought this meeting would be good, I might as well join in.  I can use every piece of good advice I can get.  Anyway, one of the speakers for the day was a man who runs a Texas public adjuster firm.  I had never heard of a public adjuster and so I was intrigued about what he was going to say.  He explained what he did by using a fire damage claim in Dallas as an example of what his company does.  Someone had a fire at their home and was trying their best to get their fire insurance claim taken care of so that they could get enough money to take care of the devastation that happened in their house.  This guy said that most people try to navigate this insurance claim on their own and as a result don’t get a fair settlement.  He said that more people should consider hiring a public adjuster – Public adjusters are the people who partner with people who have had to face all sorts of damage – from water and flood damage to fire and mold damage.  Public adjusters go to bat for them and stand as a sort of mediator between the insurance company and the person who has had the damage occur to them.  They fight to make sure the insurance company doesn’t hold back on giving a fair settlement.  They basically get you more money from the insurance companies so that you can get your life back in order.

After explaining what a public adjuster is, this man took the principle of “More” and talked about how as leaders we should always be thankful for what we have, but that we should also be looking for ways to get more profits, more satisfied customers and more strong managers.  It was a very good talk and I was glad I went to the meeting.  I think I’ll go back next week.