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Uniformity and Constant Advertising - Week Fifty-Eight

Uniformity and Constant Advertising - Week Fifty-Eight

I came to this group business meeting armed with pastries from the coffee shop.  I was feeling generous and hungry and I figured why not bless my colleagues.  They have given so much to me and I thought it would be nice to be nice to all of them.  To all of the gluten-free people, I say sorry.  This was all wheat and flour.  Anyway, I prayed with Josh about his lawn care and Liz about her Lubbock catering business.  They both said that things were going good with their businesses and I echoed that.  It’s so nice to have work go so smoothly.  We had a visitor in town who asked if we minded that we joined us.  He was a fire damage adjuster just in town for a week.  He was staying in a nearby short-term furnished housing space and saw that we were in a prayer group and was bold enough to ask his way in.  His name was Bill and he was nice.  It was cool to hear a new voice lifting up prayers alongside us.

So now to the larger business gathering – we had a woman named Julia, who was a leadership trainer, speak to us today.  She talked about how we can build a strong team culture with some simple changes.  She said that even though she and most people appreciated individuality, there was a lot of value in providing uniforms for employees so that their clothing would show to the public and to their fellow workers that they were all about the same business.  Even if it was just the same apron (like at Starbucks) or a full-on uniform, she said that there were statistics that showed increased worker happiness and even greater efficiency.  Julia also said that if we had work vehicles, we should get them wrapped with vinyl that showed our name, slogan and colors prominently so that we were constantly advertising.  This was a great idea to me and I can’t believe I haven’t done this with my workers.  They all drive company trucks but there is no uniform design painted or wrapped around them.  I have been wasting all of this time advertising on radio and TV, when I should have just put my company’s name on trucks that go around everywhere – not that I will dump all of my advertising dollars in this stuff, but I will definitely add these designs to my trucks.  Everyone else seems to be doing it, so what am I waiting for?

So readers, what do you think about having employees wearing the same clothes to work?  How would you do this?  Would you have them wear some sort of badge to show their name and position?  Also, would you or do you already have rolling advertisements?  What is a good price for doing something like this?  Hit me back on your comments and I will take your advice into consideration.  Thanks in advance…