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Balance So You Don't Burn-Out

Balance so you don't Burn-Out 

 I thought I was going to have to miss this morning’s business prayer group and the larger gathering because of a doctor’s appointment I was reminded of late last week.  But, as it turns out, the doctor ended up having to go on a medical mission trip and thus we rescheduled.  So, I made it to both groups.  The insurance claim adjuster also showed up to our prayer group because he said that he had to stay an extra week to finish up his business.  He was still staying at that short-term furnished housing business and just wanted not to feel so isolated and alone.  He thanked us for including him.  When we did pray it was all about personal concerns that I don’t need to bring up here, but after the time all four of us felt like we had been heard supernaturally and would be blessed because we had taken out the intentional time to seek God for His help.  Business-wise, Josh did add that he needed extra prayer for his Lubbock Landscaping crew, but that was really all of the business updates.

As for the larger business gathering, we had a guy named Thomas (asked us to call him Tom) who was the head of a brokerage firm in the area.  He was asked to speak about how to keep ourselves relaxed in the midst of stressful situations and also how to connect better with our employees.  As for the former topic, Tom said that it was vital for us to pay attention to our health – body, mind and soul.  He told us that if we weren’t always evaluating our lives in a holistic way we could easily break down either through long term emotional erosion or through a negative shift in our industry.  He reminded us that while our jobs are important, our other hours of the day need to be focused on so we can maintain a balance.  He said that we needed to take our personal days and use them for fun and relaxation – not to get caught up on home-work.  He told us that in the past he had failed to take into account how much stress he was taking on and how little time he was giving to breathe and to eat right and to exercise and to have fun.  He said this led to him having a small stroke that the doctors attributed to his tendency to live an imbalanced life.  I appreciated how honest Tom was with this topic.  In the business world, not too many people like to put their weaknesses out there for others to judge – but Tom seemed to sincerely care about our well-beings.  Cool guy.  As far as connecting with our employees, he mainly said that we should take each one of our employees out to eat at lunch so that we could talk about non-work things – just to get to know each other better – to encourage the people working for us.  He said that his employees have always liked being treated to lunch with him (free meals rock) and how this has created a better personal bond with each individual at the company he runs.  Overall it was a good talk – a little general, but still good.

So readers, what is your opinion of finding balance in your life?  How do you spend your non-work hours?  Have you ever felt super stressed out to the point that you made yourself sick?  If so, what adjustments have you made since to help keep that huge measure of stress out of the way?  Also, what do you think of taking each individual in your company to lunch just to create a more personal bond?  If you are an employee, what do think that this would do for you?  Thanks in advance for your comments and questions.  See you next week.