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Great Leaders

Great Leaders

There are so many people in the world of leadership development, but not all of them are great leaders.  Great leaders do certain things that set them apart as excellent leaders and leadership coaches.  They don’t just have managers and minions follow them around for a paycheck.  They command respect simply by the way they go about their business.  So what makes a great leader and what makes a great leader the sort of consultant to other leaders of business?  I look to one such leaders who is an executive coach and speaker that trains leaders how to be better at what they do – His name is Dr. Andy Neillie and he is well-known as a regular on the speaker circuit for Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies in the U.S.  Here is what makes him special and what makes other great leaders special:

  1. Great Leaders know how to keep “following”:  What I mean by this is that just because someone is considered a top leader in the business world doesn’t mean they stop following and learning from other great leaders.  I know that Dr. Neillie is always reading leadership books and checking out business seminars to help him continue to grow.  This is a key to great leadership – If you cannot learn to “follow” and learn from other leaders, you will not grow into a better leader yourself. 
  2. Great Leaders are humble – This goes right along with the first one I mentioned above.  Leaders tend to get prideful based on their positions and as such they forget to honor and inspire the managers below them.  Nobody likes to have a boss who thinks the world of themselves and who walks around like he is the king – big mistake because those under you tend to lose respect for you.
  3. Great Leaders look to the past to help to determine the future – There is a wealth of information out there regarding older trends in business – some of them good and some of them bad.  Regardless of what sort they are, they tend to be cyclical and knowing that an old trend will typically come back around is important when gauging the future of the business world.  Great Leaders are futurists who gain visionary leadership by studying the past and looking to the future through those lenses.

There are many other characteristics of good leaders, but these are the main ones I have gleaned from Dr. Andy (see neillieleadershipgroup.com).  I’d love my readers to comment on this subject and to give their ideas concerning what makes a good leader.  Feel free to give your ten cents.  I want to grow as a leader too and your comments can help me.