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how to get published?

okay you brilliant writer

you want to get published, but you cannot get anyone to read your query letter

you cannot get anyone to send you anything but rejection letters

or maybe some company requested your novel, your novella or your brilliant set of short stories about the oxford world filled with vampires and kid magicians and got your hopes up only to kick you in the face with their sudden distaste for your sequences of nouns and verbs...

have you been there?

have you been shot down like everyone else only to see the books at Barnes and Noble that have been written by chimps like Delillo - the books that win pulitzers - which absolutely suck

duck feet?

well, i have advice for you, but you better keep reading my blogs and asking me for mercy or i will not tell you how to get published in this terrible world...

we are the indies

we are the artists

we will create ideas which send people into movements

are you we?

we will see...