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Lawn care in Lubbock (Winter and Beyond)

Lawn care in Lubbock (Winter and Beyond)

With all the crazy shifts in temperature in Lubbock and surrounding towns, everyone around needs to keep a close eye on the condition of their lawns.  Lawn care in Lubbock is oftentimes neglected from November through February and this is actually a key range of time to have your lawn get some fresh maintenance.  It’s also an important time to get some gutter clean-up and leaf removal.  If you choose to do these two things on your own, good for you, but these are among the activities that most people loathe.  I say “let some professionals who do this stuff every day come over and handle it for us.”  I know several lawn care and landscaping companies in the area that are not only very good at this stuff, but they are also affordable.  This is a key thing as well – especially after dumping all that cash on Christmas.

As for the lawn care and landscaping side of things, people need to hire pros to come over and prepare their yards for the Spring season.  Lots of weeds are growing and no one likes weeds – might as well get a jump on killing those now instead of later when it is more difficult.  As well, it is a great time to meet with a landscaping crew and landscape designer who can help you design your front and back yard.  Why not have the most beautiful lawn on the block? 

Those are my recommendations for you when it comes to lawn care and landscaping during these seasons of warm and cold weather.  To summarize, “Get ‘er done!”  If any of you readers have specific recommendations for the best companies in the area, please comment.  I think Lubbock Roots Lawn & Landscape do the best job, but maybe you have other good ideas.  Thanks for reading and for weighing in.  Until next time…

Insurance Claim Adjusters

Insurance Claim Adjusters 

Whenever something negative happens to your home or business that requires an insurance claim, it’s tough to get a perfectly fair settlement so that you can reclaim what has been lost.  Besides all of the struggle of dealing with (hopefully) the short-term loss of your possessions and the loss of your time having to deal with it all, there is the insurance claim process, which can be disheartening and fairly difficult to deal with.  That’s why I think that everyone should hire an Insurance Claim Adjuster to help maneuver around the often faulty insurance claim settlements.

Why hire a public adjuster?

Public Adjusters are experts in dealing with insurance companies to make sure you get more on your insurance claims.  Put simply, they make sure you get more money to put your business and your home back together.  That should be incentive enough.  But on top of this, by hiring a public adjuster you are saving yourself a lot of time.  They will be doing the hard work of getting you your best settlement while you go back to figuring out your life and your business growth.  I don’t know about you but I could use both more time and money and public adjusters make sure you have them.

 If you live in Texas I recommend the trusted crew of Texas public adjusters called Abba Claims.  Check them out at their website:  www.abbaclaims.com.  See all of the claims that they work with and then try them out when you run into trouble.  Then let me know how the process went so I can continue to gather positive testimonials about their work.

 Thanks so much.

How to make a fire damage claim

How to make a fire damage claim

There are a lot of fire damage claims in Dallas (really everywhere) during the holiday season – more so than at every time of year.  With fires in the fireplace and holiday lights on real Christmas trees, the dangers are endless.  So, if you have had or have a fire in your home or your business at any time, it’s important to know how to file a fire damage claim – and if you follow one simple step, you will more than likely have a better result.  Here it is:  Hire a Public Adjuster to document and prepare your claim – If you do this step, you will have brought in an advocate to stand between you and your insurance claim in any and all negotiations.  These public adjusters are so much more knowledgeable than you will be and can get you the best settlement possible.  It’s hard enough to deal with business interruption and residential ruin – With a fire, there is the difficulty of handling the emotional reactions.  To add to this, there is the legal wrangling that comes between you and the insurance company.  The emotional struggle is enough for anyone to handle.  And the insurance process is a tough one to navigate.  I recommend dealing with the emotional struggles and handing off the fire insurance claim to the professionals at a public adjuster company.  You can trust them to get you the best without you having to worry if the insurance company is going to give you a fair and just settlement. 

Imagine going through this process alone and ending up with a less than adequate settlement – one that doesn’t allow you to recover and renovate as you need.  No one needs this sort of disappointment especially after experiencing the junk that comes with the fire itself.  So, who should you call?  Which company is dedicated to providing the best public adjustment in Texas?  These are key questions.  You don’t need a fly by night company – one that doesn’t know how to work the entire process.  My suggestion is that you check out one company in particular, because in my dealings with them, you can be assured of a solid and passionate approach to your claim.  The company that I am referring to is called Abba Claims.  They have offices in Lubbock, Austin, Houston, San Antonio as well as offices in other parts of the country.  You can check them out at www.abbaclaims.com or give them a call toll free at (888) 908-2042.

Final thought:  I hope that you never have to deal with any sort of fire, but if you do, I offer my condolences.  From my experience, it is a depressing devastation.  If it has happened to you (or if it does happen), please use the advice above to get yourself back in the game as quickly as possible.

So, have you had to deal with a fire at your home or business?  What steps did you take to handle your fire damage claim?  Any other advice from those of you who have had to deal with a fire?  I look forward to your take on this process.

What to Look for in a Public Adjuster

What to Look for in a Public Adjuster

If you have had any of the following things happen to you either at your home or at your company, it might be time to hire a public adjuster.

Types of Claims:

  1. Fire Damage
  2. Smoke Damage
  3. Water Damage
  4. Mold Damage
  5. Business Interruption
  6. Theft and/or Vandalism
  7. Hail Damage
  8. Wind Damage
  9. Lightning Damage
  10. Tornado Damage
  11. Hurricane Damage
  12. Building Collapse
  13. Explosion Damage
  14. Sinkhole Damage
  15. Flood Damage 

This is just a brief list of types of damage that can happen to you and hopefully you have the right kind of insurance so that you can make a claim with your insurance company.  Even if you do have the right sort of insurance, you might also want to bring in a professional group of insurance claims consultants so that you don’t get railroaded.  I recommend taking a look at the website, www.abbaclaims.com to learn more about what Texas public adjusters do.  Basically they come alongside you and help you get a fair settlement from your insurance company.  The most reputable ones are out to get you as much money as possible on your claims so that you can get back to work or back to life in your personal world.

I know that the company I mentioned above (Abba Claims) has settled many fire damage claims in Dallas during this holiday season and they also work on all sorts of claims all over the U.S. throughout the year.  They give free consultations and can help you estimate what you are going to get back from your insurance company.  I think they are worth a look even if its just to get more educated about this whole process.

So reader, have you ever had to make any sort of insurance claims?  What was it like for you?  Did you feel like your insurance company was on your side in getting you the most for your claim?  Have you ever used a public adjuster?  If so, was it helpful or a waste of energy?  Let me know in the comments section.

The Importance of a Leadership Coach

The Importance of a Leadership Coach


As an entrepreneurial businessman who has a large staff led by managers who help me run the entire company, I have always been hesitant about bringing in other leadership voices.  I never had felt the need to pay a leadership coach or an executive consultant to speak into the lives of my business team.  I figured they were getting all of the leadership they needed from me or that they were reading business books on their own so that they could improve their daily work.  I just knew that the managers who I had hired were solid and were as entrepreneurial as I was. 

But then, I went to a business seminar led by a man named Dr. Andy Neillie and I realized that there was so much for me to learn.  Pridefully, I had avoided seeking out my own continuing education for years but after hearing the advice given by Dr. Neilllie I got humble really quickly and decided that I needed all of my managers to hear from him too.  So, I wrangled all of them up for two days and I had Dr. Neillie come in to teach them (and me) to lead better.

Dr. Neillie tailored his talks around some complicated matters of business but he made them all so accessible.  He seemed to have his finger on the pulse of not only present business concepts, but he also looked into future trends and taught us to see how these trends were going to affect us in the long run.  He used solid teaching to go along with everyday anecdotes that really resonated with me and my entire group of managers.  And when he was finished all of my managers talked about how crucial it was that he came to reinvigorate them and make them want to improve their leadership style and action.  I cannot recommend highly enough that all of you business leaders out there find a conference where he is either the leadership keynote speaker or one of the workshop leaders.  He will help to transform your crew.  And if you are a large enough company and can afford to have Dr. Neillie come in for a day or two to act as a consultant, do it.  Don’t wait for things to start falling apart in your business and be forced to be reactionary.  Look him up today at www.neillieleadershipgroup and book him as soon as you can.  I have realized that we all need outside voices to help us along in our leadership journeys.

Have any of you had the pleasure of having this Fortune 500 speaker lead you to lead better?  If so, please leave your comments about what he said and how it helped your business flow better.

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Winter doesn’t seem like the time to hire a professional crew to take care of your lawn, but it is actually a very important time for your yard.  As the cold and the ice comes in December through February, you better be ready to have your lawn get some much needed maintenance so that when Spring comes you won’t have the worst lawn on the block. 

So what needs to happen during this time of the year? 

  1. Leaf Clean-Up – You want to hire a professional crew that is going to offer at least three different clean-ups during the Winter.
  2. Removal of dead and damaged plants – This is in preparation for any new landscaping done in the Spring.
  3. Weed removal – You definitely don’t want weeds to take over your lawn while the chill is in the air.
  4. Tree and Plant trimming – Again this is to help you decide what sorts of things you want to do landscaping wise in the Spring.
  5. Gutter Clean-Up – This should be a no-brainer but a lot of people let this go and it causes all sorts of problems around the house.

So, that’s just a short list, but it will help you formulate questions for the lawn and landscaping crew who will be in charge of your yard all year long.  I personally recommend a Lubbock landscaping company called Roots Lawn and Landscaping.  Check out their Winter offerings on their website, http://lubbockroots.com and then give them a call to get estimates.  I have heard that they are the best in the city as far as Lubbock lawn care goes.

So, what is it that you guys do for your lawn year-round?  Do you take care of the above suggestions yourself or do you hire a crew?  Feel free to let me know if there are other recommendations to add to the list in the comment section.  Thanks for reading and may your lawn be beautiful!

From California to Dallas - Fire Damage Claims

From California to Dallas - Fire Damage Claims

Times have not been easy for residents of California for several months now.  Thousands of people have been displaced and thousands of acres of land have been destroyed by wildfires.  First responders are working tirelessly to squelch these fires that are raging, but the high winds just keep pushing these fires into new areas.  I cannot imagine being someone who lives in those areas.  Fire is no joke.  And I cannot imagine how many fire damage claims will be sent in at the end of all of this.  I hope that the victims of these fires will be able to recover what they have lost.  To have to rebuild once these fires are stopped will be such a difficult process.  With property loss and of course the smoke damage there will be so much money needed for people to put their lives back together. 

With these fires in mind, I am working with a company which handles fire damage claims in Dallas (I live in Texas) and think of the individual fires that hit individuals, families and businesses on the micro level.  I heard from the president of this company and he told me that there are so many more fires that happen to people during the holidays.  He said that with all of the dry Christmas trees and holiday lights that aren’t properly installed, there are huge chances for individual fires to pop up and leave the victims of these fires at the mercy of their insurance companies to get them their stuff back.  This president isn’t an insurance director or anything, but he does work with people who have had fires.  His company focuses on working alongside people as they file fire insurance claims.  He said that this process is a difficult one, as insurance companies tend not to want to hand out the right amount of money to affected people.  He said that people who try to work this insurance process themselves often find themselves getting “ripped off”.  This is why his team of public adjusters exist – they do all they can to persuade insurance companies to give enough money back so that people can renovate or replace their damaged goods.  He said that the services his company offers have helped hundreds of struggling people.

I checked into his company and found out that Abba Claims is one of the top public adjusting companies in the states.  There have been a lot of great testimonials written about the work that Abba has done and even though I haven’t experienced the destruction caused by a fire, I will definitely bookmark them in my computer just in case. 

Have you ever used a public adjuster?  Have you ever had to make a fire insurance claim?  How did your insurance company handle it?  Did you think they handled it properly or would you rather have hired one of these public adjusting companies to make sure you got a fair settlement? 

Please comment and let me know what you think about all of this.