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We specialize in the following:


I.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want your company to rank higher on Google and Bing?

Does your website show up on the first page of these Search Engines?

Did you know that 90% of those who search for business services online, will make their buying decision by clicking on one the first four results that come up on their screen?

Let me be bold and answer the questions for you smart businesspeople out there. Yes, you do want to rank as high as you can on Google and Bing, because the higher you rank the more likely you are to see an influx of new customers choosing you over another competitive option.  More customers usually means more profit and more profit means more trips to Hawaii.

Or if you are a non-profit, it can mean more exposure to your cause and often more donations, which can make all the difference as you try to make a significant difference in this world.

Now, I am not trying to push you into anything, but let me be the one who kindly nudges you to consider diversifying your marketing to include the powerful online techniques which fall under the heading, Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)

Yellow Book, Newspapers, Print, TV and Radio are fine marketing mediums but are definitely losing the power to influence a consumer base that has grown accustomed to doing their most every sort of search online.  Every year, no matter what those older medium reps claim, percentages reveal that customers have taken their trust to the online marketplace.  More than ever, customers are on the web to take care of everything from interpersonal communication and gaming to banking and shopping.  The web is the central influencer of those from age sixty and below, which is a huge demographic to ignore if you choose not to roll out some sort of Search Engine Optimization plan.

Laggards beware.  (Ask IBM about their response to personal computers back in the day and then do not follow their lack of leading.)

At Loudsmith Media, we are dedicated to helping every local entrepreneur maximize their web presence so that they can achieve their company goals.  And we have the experience to get you where you need to be.  But, since we only accept one customer per industry to avoid competing with ourselves, we advise you to call us today and set up an appointment to at least see if our SEO is right for you.

Search Engine Optimization – How we do it?

•On-Site Optimization – Does your website look pretty but still perform poorly in the rankings?  

There are some key web fixes we can make that will get your site ranking higher simply because it has been internally optimized.

•Keyword Research – What words and phrases are your potential clients and customers typing in to Google or Bing when seeking the services you provide?  

We use pro tools to discover how many people in your locality are actually searching for certain terms and phrases and then we choose those keywords, which will generate the most searches and hopefully customers for your company.

•Competitive Research – Why do the chief competitors within your industry have a higher position on Google and Bing?  

We find out the reasons why and set up a personalized strategy that will make sure you outpace them online.

Internal Blogging – Does your website have an internal blog featuring consistent, interesting and relevant content?  

Not only do some of your customers expect to be taught something about your company’s personality through blog interactions, but Google demands fresh content on a regular basis.   We have a team of writers who make sure you have what Google wants.

•Link Building – Did you know that Search Engines hold a sort of popularity contest that helps to determine where you will fall in the rankings?  

In other words, if you get “votes” (or in SEO terms, “links”) from sites that are considered major players on the World Wide Web, then your stock rises and you climb up the list.  We help to attract these links/votes by qualifying for well-respected directories, creating various forms of content for press releases, forums and external blogs, and by building relationships with strong existing networks.

•Social Media – Does your business use Facebook, Twitter and Google+1 to build up a community of loyal followers who are allowed to experience the personality of your company? 

Google and Bing are now favoring those companies who are not only managing their social presence, but who are actually actively using those main sites as platforms for video, insider views and a sense of humor.  We talk with your key leaders and get a sense of your inherent cleverness so we can gather am appropriate following who appreciates your authenticity and humanness on display on these social sites.

•Weekly Research – Did you know that Google is constantly changing the way it judges a websites’ relevance/importance (minor and major algorithmic changes) forcing a business to constantly shift the way they do SEO?  

In the past two years, there have been two huge “Google-quakes” which rocked many companies’ online influence and even destroyed some of their web presences.  We do weekly training with the most knowledgeable SEO people in the world and thus stay ahead of the curve, keeping our clients off the fault lines.

•Creative Techniques – Is your company willing to offer some “perceived valuables” (scholarships, prizes, insider narratives, internships, discounts, incentives, etc.) to the general public to gain both media exposure and a reputation of generous goodwill?  

If this is a fit for your industry and your leadership agrees to trust us with finding creative approaches to build a wider audience through random acts of corporate kindness, we are excellent at finding ways to build your ranking in this manner.

•Leadership Training – If you company hires Dream Taxi to do their SEO work, does that mean you will forever be tied to us?  

While we would love to come alongside you as longtime SEO marketing partners to provide a consistent placement for you in the rankings, we understand budgetary restraints and want to make sure you know we will offer the ongoing basic training necessary to those on your staff who want to carry on and even build on the foundations and infrastructures we build.  We are experienced SEO’ers in practice and in instruction.

There is a lot of complexity that goes into each of the above, but we thought it best to share a basic outline of how Dream Taxi goes about doing SEO.


What do we charge?

The simple answer is $200/hour with a minimum of five hours per month.  We recommend committing to at least 15 hours a month for a period of one year, but again we are willing to do our best for whatever term matches your budget.

We also offer great personalized packages if you do sign up for the twelve month contract.


Do we personalize our SEO focus depending on the industry and/or a specific company’s need?

Absolutely.  SEO is not a cookie-cutter business.  For some businesses, there is a need to give 70% of the time to Social Media and 30% to the rest of the abovementioned.  For others, Social Media will only get 10% of the strategic focus, while standard link building grabs a majority of our time spent.Contact us for a consultation and we will help you decide on the best way to optimize your site for top rankings.


The above is our main focus at this time, but we do offer the below:

*Online Content - We have staff writers who can express your mission and vision as well as explain the nuances of your wonderful business better than anyone.  When people read about who you are, they will be drawn like piranhas to the flesh of a human in their watery territory - violently rushing at you with their money and their sharp teeth.  Okay.  Do not use the last sentence as an example of our web writing abilities.  I promise none of us will use the word "piranha" in your online content unless you actually sell piranhas.

*Publishing Great Authors - Our first two manuscripts are coming out at the beginning of 2013 and they are awesome.  Now we are searching for more awesomeness - From YOU!!!  We are now accepting online novella submissions (25,000 - 40,000 words).  Send us an email query and we will let you know if we are interested in seeing more.  You might be our next major author or you might get one of those crushing rejection emails from us.  Either way you take a shot and we appreciate that.

*Consulting - You have problems.  Whomever you are, you do have problems.  Maybe your company's water fountain is shooting out cholera-stained H2O.  Maybe you hired several people who interviewed well but who, after hired, are now embezzling, making naked copies of their bums on the copy machine, losing customers because they fart without apology in their presence and actually murdering nuns.  Or maybe it is just an organizational issue you cannot see because you are too busy to see it.  We are experts at helping you find out what is wrong and giving you the absolute solutions.  We are never wrong and we will prove it.  We guarantee our solutions with a money-back deal.