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Can we do branding?  Look at our past attempts:


Re-Branding Vodka: Fermented Potatoes liquefied into cool bottles set to make you dizzy and unafraid to pick up another human who will love you temporarily.

Re-Branding Cats: Furry mini-tigers who understand clean restrooming.

Re-Branding Dolphins: Sea friends who would never bite your arms off.

Re-Branding Coffee: Cups of carpe diem.

Re-Branding Murder: Giving lucky people pre-boarding into the afterlife.

Re-Branding Coca-Cola:  We all die.  It might as well be with cavities, destroyed stomachs and a smile.

Re-Branding McDonalds:  Finally a clown who is not afraid to admit he is a creepy killer.

Re-Branding Doctors:  School Addicts who became puppets of Big Pharma

Re-Branding Bread:  The best thing since sliced Radiohead.


What does the above prove?

We probably should not be doing much branding or marketing.

That is why we instead spend our creative energies on GAME DEVELOPMENT!!!


Our First Major iPhone game app. is called Tex the Bounty Hunter and will be coming out in the next few months - Please follow this link and help it become a reality:  http://igg.me/p/105967?a=518437